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Fingerlix launched: a new Fresh, Ready-to-Cook category is born!

How often have you said to yourself – “I wish someone could take care of the kitchen slog work leaving me free to add my special touch to the dishes I serve” Fingerlix does exactly that! Fingerlix, a food start-up, brings fresh, ready-to-cook solutions with its wide range of products like batters, mixes, curries, dals, parathas’ and ‘fully-ready’ accompaniments to go with them. Want to create the perfect Dal Makhani? Get fresh Fingerlix Dal Makhani heat it add cream and butter to taste and you’re done! Want Aloo Paratha but don’t want to go through the chores involved? Simple – order Aamchoori Aloo Paratha from Fingerlix, heat on the ‘Tavaa’ for a couple of minutes add ghee or butter to taste and you’re ready to serve. And it’s Fresh with absolutely No Preservatives! Now, plan a scrumptious menu for breakfast, lunch, snacking and dinner and infuse ease and variety in your daily meals with Fingerlix food solutions.

Targeted at today’s progressive homemakers, Fingerlix serves freshly cooked and chilled food prepared in a state-of-the-art hygienic kitchen. Not only do you get rid of the hard work, you can customise each dish and add your magic to excite your family’s unique taste buds. With their attractive packaging, Fingerlix ready-to-cook delights are now available at various retail outlets and supermarkets across Mumbai. These include Haiko (Hiranandani, Powai), Reliance Retail (includes Reliance + Sahakari Bhandar) and Hypercity. Fingerlix is also available at its user-friendly website (, mobile app (Android & iOS) and call centre services with home delivery.  

Fingerlix is the brainchild of a top team of experienced professionals – Shripad Nadkarni (Director), Shree Bharambe (CEO), Varun Khanna (VP-Sales & Operations) and Abhijit Berde (Product Development & Executive Chef). The founders of the company bring with them extensive experience with world-renowned companies like Coca-Cola, J&J and Colgate besides deep consulting experience (MarketGate Consulting) with most of India’s top food companies. Shripad, Shree and Varun, have applied their prowess in market strategies and business leadership to design the growth roadmap for Fingerlix and envision making it a household name in India, while Abhijit Berde is leading the food team creating recipes, maintaining impeccable standards and training young chefs. Abhijit Berde has been an Executive Chef for over a decade now and has had extensive experience with ITC Hotels, Oberoi and Gate Gourmet. 

Commenting on the launch, Shree Bharambe, CEO, Fingerlix, said, “Fingerlix was created to help homemakers prepare ‘customised-to-their-taste’ food at home every day without the slog. Since all the ingredients we use are absolutely fresh and the products are free of preservatives, Fingerlix food is ideal for daily consumption. It doesn’t just take away from the hassles of cooking but also adds fun to home food with its exciting array of dishes. Our endeavour is to be the constant partner of those who love their tasty traditional meals at home but don’t always have enough time at hand to spend long hours preparing it.”

As all Fingerlix products are preservative-free, they come with a shelf life of five days. They are meant to be enjoyed just like home-cooked food - within a day or two of preparation.

With a mission to ease the process of cooking and helping consumers explore new product ranges with freshness guaranteed, Fingerlix aims to be a part of the daily essentials in every urban Indian household – Milk, Bread, Eggs and Fingerlix!


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