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Five Things to Learn During the Lockdown from TikTok’s #EduTok LIVE Sessions

Learning is a continuous process and it does not need to stop just because we are confined at home. TikTok, as a part of #EduTok, its ongoing initiative to empower users to create meaningful and inspiring content around various themes, has been organizing #EduTok LIVE sessions. 

 Everyday experts, dancers, inventors, institutional and educational partners such as TEDx and TikTok creators are going live on the platform to share meaningful insights and contributing to everyone’s educational journey with #LearnFromHome. From these sessions, here are the top five things we have learned: 

 Disinfect your vegetables with rock salt or vinegar for 20 minutes and rinse 

Are you confused on when will this social distancing end? While sharing his views on the current situation and how to boost one’s immunity, Dr. Ashwin Vijay highlighted that everyone needs to follow social distancing for at least 4-6 months after lockdown (terms and conditions applied) so that COVID-19 spread can be controlled and contained. He also shared a tip to wash vegetables in the rock salt/vinegar for 20 minutes and then rinse it rather than cleaning with sanitizers.


  • Microalgae can help in treating polluted water 

Many experts believe that now is the perfect opportunity for everyone to sharpen their focus on sustainability. Shneel Malik, a famous architect and bio design researcher via her LIVE TEDx session on TikTok shared her knowledge on bio design, carbon neutral buildings and why sustainable constructions are so important given climate change. She touched upon one of her developments - Indus to clean polluted water. Indus uses the natural processes of microorganisms, specifically microalgae which will also empower small-scale artisan communities to adapt futuristic solutions of treating polluted water by themselves, through cultural techniques readily available to them to clean polluted water.


  • The secret mantra to success: Never compare yourself with others

The JEE entrance examinations are coming up and we all can feel the pressures of studying for it. Career Point Kota, a known coaching institute, popularly known as CP_Kota on TikTok is sharing words of wisdom to keep you motivated for these exams: One should never compare themselves with others. Comparison makes us weak while standing out from others refines us into a better version of ourselves and that is what is of utmost importance. So, next time when you feel under pressure, do remember these words!


  • Shutter speed, wide angle and aperture can help you score the perfect photograph

Who doesn’t like clicking pictures? But do you know how to get the best shot? Mitesh Patil through #EduTok Live educated viewers on the importance of shutter speed, wide angle and aperture while taking a photograph. He explained that the shutter speed should be 1/500 or higher and the smaller the number of the focal length, the wider the angle will be. He also shared how any aperture wider than f/2.8 is really wide and how most fast prime lenses have an aperture of f/1.4 or even f/1.2. Without the correct knowledge of these three, acing in a perfect picture will be quite difficult. 


  •  Watching a show and eating and wondering why you’re not shedding pounds. Read on:

Considering the lockdown situation at hand, the eat, sleep, watch, repeat, seems to be the way of life today. Beer Biceps in his latest #EduTok live session shared how eating consciously is extremely crucial. If you are eating, avoid distractions such as watching a show, you tend to eat more. If you want to lose weight, cardio is helpful or even aerobic, but don’t fret if you don’t have access to a gym. Try doing some household chores such as dusting, sweeping and swabbing. Beer Biceps also shared the right form for push-ups. 


So don’t forget to tune into the next #EduTok Live sessions here on TikTok.



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