FMCG sector advertising in Digital registers 81% growth in 2021: TAM AdEx

The FMCG sector saw a 22% ad volume growth on Television in Y 2021 over Y 2020, as per TAM AdEx report. On the other hand, compared to Q1 of Y 2021, Q3 and Q4 witnessed 23% and 2% ad space degrowth in Print. FMCG ad volumes on Radio saw 42% growth during Y 2021 over Y 2020. But it was Digital where the FMCG ad insertions saw the highest rise of 81% during Y 2021 over Y 2020. 


In Y 2021, FMCG ad volumes on Television rose by 33% over Y 2019. The growth was 22% when compared to Y 2020. However, compared to Q1 of Y 2021, Q3 and Q4 witnessed 5% and 4% decline in ad volumes. Television Ad Volumes had highest share during Mar’21, whereas Jun’21 saw the lowest advertising in Y 2021.

Among the Top 10 categories, Toilet Soaps led with a 7% share, followed by Toilet/ Floor Cleaners and Milk Beverages with 6% share each. Four out of the Top 10 Categories constituted Food & Beverages brands. Hindustan Unilever topped the Top 10 Advertisers list with a share of 21%. Reckitt Benckiser followed in the second spot with a share of 17%. The Top 10 Advertisers accounted for 60% share of the ad volumes in Y 2021. 

Among the Top 10 FMCG brands, Top 6 belonged to Reckitt Benckiser. The Top 10 Brands accounted for 12% share of the TV ad volumes in Y 2021, with Lizol topping the list.

GEC Channel Genre was the most preferred by FMGC players during Y 2021, with a 34% share of the ad volumes, followed by Movies genre with a share of 25%. The Top 2 channel genres on TV together accounted for almost 60% of the ad volumes share for FMCG sector during Y 2021.

Prime Time garnered the highest advertising on TV, followed by the Afternoon and Morning time-bands. Prime Time, Afternoon & Morning time bands together accounted for more than 70% share of the ad volumes. Advertisers of the FMCG sector preferred 20-40 seconds ad size on TV. 20-40 seconds and <20 seconds ads together covered more than 95% share in Y 2021. 


Print Ad space of the FMCG sector rose by 3% in Y 2021, compared to Y 2019 and 20% compared to Y 2020. Compared to Q1 of Y 2021, Q3 and Q4 witnessed 23% and 2% decline in print ad space. Due to the second wave of Covid-19, the lowest Ad Volumes were observed in Q2. A significant drop in Print Ad Space during Apr-May’21 was seen due to the Covid Wave-II. Ad Space started to recover from Jun’21 and reached double digits in terms of % share during Oct’21.

Personal Healthcare brands constituted 6 out of the Top 10 Categories, with OTC Products and Vitamins/ Tonics/ Healthcare Supplements leading the list. The Top 10 Advertisers accounted for more than 45% share of the ad space in Y 2021, with SBS Biotech leading the list. The Top 10 Brands accounted for 20% share of the ad space in Y 2021, with Dr. Ortho Oil leading the list. 

The Top 5 Publication Languages – Hindi, Marathi, English, Kannada, Telugu – accounted for 87% share of the sector’s Ad space. General Interest publication genre made a clean sweep with 99% of the sector’s ad volumes.

North Zone topped with 38% share of the FMCG advertising in Print in Y 2021, followed by West Zone with a 28% share. Mumbai and Nagpur were the top 2 cities in West Zone as well as in overall India.

Sales Promotion for ‘FMCG’ sector accounted for more than 20% of the ad space share in Print medium. Among Sales Promotions, Volume Promotion occupied 41% share of the pie, followed by Add On Promotion with 23% share in Y 2021.


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