Fox Traveller Diaries | 'Travelling is therapeutic for the mind and body' - Sunjoy Waddhwa, CMD, SMPL

A businessman turned television producer and a dynamic entrepreneur with a positive attitude and a pragmatic approach is how Sunjoy Waddhwa could be described in a nutshell. Presently CMD at Sphereorigins Multivision Pvt Ltd., one of India’s largest television production houses, he is a revolutionary visionary with great breakthrough ideas. Waddhwa an avid traveler, shares his travel experiences with Adgully and describes the fascinating and picturesque destinations he has visited lately. Some excerpts from the conversation:

Fox Traveller Diaries (FTD): If there is one place you can keep going back to for a holiday, where would it be?
Sunjoy Waddhwa (SW):
Most definitely US, California as my daughter lives there.

FTD: Tell us three good things about travelling
I think it gives you an opportunity to relax and de-stress which is a break from our fast- paced lives. It is therapeutic for our mind and body. My favourite part is meeting new people, since it gives a different perspective.

FTD: When you travel, what is a must carry for you?
Necessary documents, passport, mobile, chargers, I pad, International Credit /Debit cards and some travel medicines.

FTD: When and where did your best holiday happen?
My first trip to the entire west coast of US last year.

FTD: As a traveller, what is your tip for others?
You don't really need a lot of stuff while travelling. You are never alone and long term travel is not a vacation, it’s a full time job which is exhausting. I personally always prefer a relaxed luxurious holiday.

FTD: A colleague/co-worker from your industry with whom you would like to go on a holiday?
95% of the time I travel with my wife Comall who works with me and both of us like to visit and explore different places domestically and abroad. Yes, but I would like to go to Scotland sometime in the future with a gang of guys to visit Whisky distilleries and the Scottish pubs.

FTD: Have you ever been surprised by the taste of food, outside India? Where?
Whichever place I have visited so far, food has been fabulous there

FTD: What and where has been your best bazaar bargain so far?
I don't go for bargain deals ever.

FTD: Which has been the most unique destination that you ever visited? When and why?
Leh Ladakh... It is not a destination, it's an experience. The picturesque town with azure blue sky and snow- capped mountains is drowned in calmness. The Pangong Lake near Indo- China border has a soul numbing view and is in a true sense a divine experience.

FTD: Tell us how you have managed to make your journey fun.
I like to travel organized and prefer to get my bookings planned well in advance.

FTD: A gourmet gaffe that you would like to share.
Can't think of any.

FTD: What has been your worst travel moment? Why?
A family holiday to the most beautiful place Switzerland and I fell sick on the trip. For almost 10 days, I was surviving on an apple a day which most definitely did not keep the doctor away!

FTD: What is the best souvenir you ever bought for anyone?
Well.. I'm not a souvenir person but on one of my vacations to Switzerland, picked up a cow's bell for my daughter.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are purely in the personal capacity of Sunjoy Waddhwa as a travel buff and has no bearing and/or correlation with his official role; Images, courtesy: Sujoy Wadhwa


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