expands upon its unique proposition - Missions the student friendly mobile app is fast changing the landscape of experience and earning for students in campus. This app empowers students to find internships or earn money through online or campus work.

The app provides an alternative to traditional internships that not only provides financial freedom but in a way provides an avenue for students to understand financial prudence giving them an early start to making money.

While internships on provide students the requisite experience that they clamour for to be industry ready, not all students have an internship bent of mind and would often want to explore opportunities that are easier and fun. Additionally, sometimes internships are unpaid roles that wouldn’t interest many students. Keeping this mind, app developed a unique proposition called “Missions

Missions are a quick way to learn and earn either in cash or earn rewards. A mission is a handful of simple tasks that a student can complete for a brand or company, either online or on campus. These missions are often fun, engaging and are usually very simple to complete.

“Missions are a set of engaging tasks that students can perform for companies either digitally or on their campus. Students apply for and complete Missions directly on their app and get rewarded by companies in the form of cash, goodies and certificates. App with its unique proposition understands the importance of students needs to be independent and stay motivated. Marketing to young audiences and reaching India’s generation Z with impactful campaigns are becoming very challenging” says Niranjan Nakhate, co - founder at

While emphasising the need for missions, he further elaborated, “Traditional campus ambassador programs no longer work. We are building a platform for brands to work with students in unique and creative ways.”

Brands can create missions for students to work as campus ambassadors, complete tasks on campus such as putting up posters, work as digital micro-influencers, or even become a task force for the brand.

Students have worked as ambassadors for brands such as Starbucks, Sony Music, Jet airways, fbb and Sunburn and have created content on Instagram, represented brands on campus, visited stores and distributed vouchers. Students don’t need to have tremendous following on social media to become influencers, nor do they need special talents or skills.

“There are all kinds of Missions on and every student can find something for his or her interests. We want Missions to be accessible to all kinds of students across India” says Armaan, cofounder at

The concept of Missions is novel, and students have shown lot of interest in signing up for these opportunities. The team launched Missions based on the learning’s from the market. Over 40% of companies were posting marketing, campus ambassador or student influencer based internships on The reasons for campus ambassador programs failing were difficulty in coordinating with students, improper task management and campaign creation, and lack of bandwidth to administer these programs. The above data along with relevant insights from the student groups, contributed significantly in the development of Missions in the App. With Missions, students are not only able to execute tasks but also earn money or reward points that keep them motivated and engaged.


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