FROM 1967 TO 2016: The Jungle Book is back on Star Movies this New Year!

Head to the wilderness again with Star Movies special marathon of Disney’s Jungle Book versions both the classic animated Jungle Book (1967) and the live action reboot animation version The Jungle Book (2016) on the 26TH OF January, 2016 at 1 pm and 3 pm.

Rudyard Kipling’s original classic tale of Mowgli has always been a favourite among generations even today making Mowgli the dream superhero of every young child. We all must remember the time when we sang the necessity song along with Baloo dancing around in their weird animal moves or the scary roar of Share Khan that would drive chills in our body.

Disney strung our imaginations with engrossing adventures and jaunty animations in its cute classic 1967 cartoon version and 50 years later yet again charms us with its magic through the serious live action version of Kipling’s classic.

Same story,same plot,same characters, same drama and same emotions yet an experience with a stark difference – Disney’s Jungle Book tells a lot more than just Mowgli’s story over the past 50 years. Here’s a few things that will tell you how Jungle Book’s characters transformed over the years giving an entirely different memory to generations then and now.

1.     Mowgli

Our recollections of the 60’s Mowgli has always been the cute little feral jungle child hopping around with his jungle buddies while the 2016 Mowgli remains cute and lovable as usual but the disheveled look with scratches all over matures our imaginations of the jungle in a bit lost and discomforting manner.

2.     Kaa,the python

The 60’s adaptation stands true to Kipling’s original tale with the same a male python Kaa helping Mowgli thorugh his quests but the latest one swaps the role with voices of Scarlett Johansson and Priyanka Chopra in the respective English and Hindi versions.

3.     Baloo

The friendly,funny lump of hair cracking silly jokes Baloo of the 60’s has always been our best friend. Not much has changed over the 50 years but we see a bold and sincere bear with a mature outlook than before.

4.     Bagheera

The over protective panther Bagheera epitomizes a father figure to Mowgli in both the versions but with a scarier look and even wilder moves in the latest flick. The Baggy of 2016 scares its predators with just a drop of the hat.

5.     Sharekhan

Weren’t we all scared of the cartoon Share khan already? The 2016 Share Khan sends shivers down our spine with the 3D virtual animation look and nerve wracking sound effects.

Grab your security blanket, throw yourself into that couch and tune in to Star Movies this New Year for a Nostalgia welcome to 2017 with your favourite classic tale – The Jungle Book!


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