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From Sohum Shah in Maharani to Saif Ali Khan in Tandav

Over the past few years Bollywood has seen some of the actors delivering a strong performance in the political genre. With recently released show Maharani Sohum Shah as a strong politician won over the audience with his well crafted performance. Quiet a few actors have turned the head of audiences with their performances and have left them impressed with their roles in a political web series. While some had to make physical transformation, others had to get the nuances right or get into the right body language and everyone played their part with excellence giving rise to a few iconic characters by some of the best actors of the industry.

Here's a throwback to the outstanding performance by actors who impressed viewers in a political web series.

Sohum Shah in Maharani

The recently released web series was 2021's only second political web series after Tandav. Sohum Shah in the series played the role of a powerful politician, however it's his performance and efforts that impressed the people. He transformed physical by gaining a few kgs and growing a moustache and perfected body language and other such aspects of the character which resulted in him delivering one of the career best role by himself. He watched politicians like Lalu prasad Yadav and many more closely to fine tune his performance and ended up taking all the lauds and managed to shine as the central character of the story. His versatility as an actor made was once again at the forefront as Sohum's Bheema Bharti surpassed all expectations with on point performance and emerged as a strong character shining brightly with a commendable performance that won over the audience.

Saif Ali Khan in Tandav

Featuring as the central character in the series Tandav, Saif played the character of Samar Pratap Singh. He was the perfect choice for the role as per himself because the role required him to play a shrewd, authoritative, radical and ambitious politician and considering his background of being raised in a very privileged family in a privileged sector of New Delhi the role would come to him naturally. The character had the potential to bring a spark to the series and start a serious conflict and he just did that with his brilliant performance.

Atul Kulkarni in City Of Dreams

Atul Kulkarni is a seasoned actor and his name on the list is not a surprising reveal but a given. Playing a strong politician's role was not a challenge for the actor, he managed to bring to life a character that many would have failed to. He played the role of Amey Rao Gaikwad and the story features the Gaikwad family heavily as people start to cross each others way. In a sea of choas of internal battles, Atul's character emerges out victorious as it manages to captivate audience's attention.

Zeeshan Ayub In Tandav

Another example of great casting in the Tandav series comes in the form of Zeeshan Ayub's Shiva shekhar. The actor plays the role of a young and charismatic upcoming politician. The actor confessed that his character was based on his real life self persona and this is the reason that the series has a second entry in impressive performances by actors in a political web series. The cast hand been hand picked for their parts and they sure delivered one of their life's best performances. Zeeshan's character does very well while making the switch from a white character to grey to black and that's what makes him stand out in the series.

Sumeet Vyas in Dark 7 White

Yudhveer Singh played by Sumeet Vyas is unlike any other characters that the actor had played in the past. Having taken on light hearted characters and fun and jolly persona in the past, Sumeet was up for a task when choosing to play a royal blood born prince who wanted the power and throne badly. The character has multiple shades and layer to it and Sumeet does justice to all of it with his sleek performance. The audiences surely can't wait to get more as the season 1 got high praises especially Sumeet's part which was lived by the audience.


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