Fujifilm Group announced NEVER STOP Healthcare 2020

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘NEVER STOP Healthcare 2020’ global branding campaign, which aims to promote widespread awareness of its wide range of healthcare-related business fields in which Fujifilm is now engaged. As COVID-19 wreaks havoc around the world, our ‘NEVER STOP Healthcare 2020’ campaign will communicate the fact that Fujifilm is a comprehensive healthcare company actively combating COVID-19 in the fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and that Fujifilm will NEVER STOP taking on new challenges to protect and enhance the health of people around the world.

 To raise awareness of the diversification of Fujifilm's business portfolio to a wide audience and our determination to NEVER STOP taking on challenges to contribute to the resolution of societal issues, we launched our NEVER STOP global branding campaign in October 2018. In our current campaign we are promoting awareness that Fujifilm has succeeded in moving away from being a primarily photographic company and is now actively engaged and creating new value in a wide array of business fields. The NEVER STOP tagline also conveys our strong determination to communicate to a global audience that Fujifilm will 'NEVER STOP' working until all resolvable issues have been eradicated.

 A series of TV commercials have been launched in Japan and the US. We also plan to roll out this campaign to Europe, China, India and Australia.

 Outline of the NEVER STOP Healthcare 2020 Campaign

The Fujifilm Group is combating the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world with a wide range of products and services in the healthcare-related fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In the fields of prevention and treatment, along with conducting clinical trials of a candidate therapeutic drug developed by a Fujifilm Group company, and CDMO manufacturing of candidate vaccines and therapeutic drugs of partner companies, we are also supplying cell culture medium – indispensable raw materials – for the development and production of vaccines and therapeutic drugs. In the diagnosis field, we are providing a wide range of medical equipment including a mobile X-ray system and a compact ultrasound diagnostic system for use in the diagnosis of pneumonia and other diseases. Together these products and services are helping to alleviate the workloads of healthcare workers and prevent the spread of infection at medical facilities around the world. 

Through our products, services and technologies, the Fujifilm Group is creating innovation and new value, and is making a significant contribution to resolving societal issues.

Production Staff

  • Executive Creative Director: Mike Tittel
  • SVP, Strategy: Georgia Bradley
  • Creative Director – Copywriter: Bruce Rinderman
  • Creative Director – Art: Gerry Pasqualetti
  • Associate Director, Video Production: Stanly Hsu
  • Associate Director, Studio Production: Julio Matos
  • Advertising Agency: Dentsu Inc./GYRO

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