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Still addicted to ‘Hunter’ and ‘Womaniya’…well, then it’s time for you to step up to the next level as composer Sneha Khanwalkar and lyricist Varun Grover are back with their unique style of music in ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur-2’.
The much awaited music of ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur-2’ is a perfect blend of techno and desi beats that are bound to play in your mind, even after you have heard the songs just once. 
The album has 13 tracks with a variation in music and lyrics. The album kick starts with 'Chhi - Chha Ledar' which is a cracker of a song with wacky Hinglish lyrics. 'Kaala Rey' is 
another impressive number which succeeds in creating a haunting mood, followed by the experimental and humorous track, 'Electric Piya'. ‘Taar Bijli' sung by Padmashree Sharda Sinha takes you back to small town ladies sangeet where the vocals are interspersed with dholak beats. The track has a fused as well as local version. ‘Bahut Khoob’ is another experimental track with an intriguing mix of music. With a seemingly street play-based theme, ‘Aabroo’ is another rebellious retro track. The mood swings once again with the Caribbean-flavored ‘Moora’ which is a very hummable and feel good piece, it also has an ambient ‘Moora-Morning’ version. The icing on the cake is the theme song of the film’s first part ‘Keh Ke Loonga', this time with a western touch to it. The soundtrack closes with two instrumental tracks – ‘Tunya’ and ‘Perpendicular Theme’ which is an amalgamation of various instruments, giving it a cutting edge appeal.
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