Gear up for a wild magical carpet ride with Disney’s iconic Aladdin

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there was a golden lamp, which when rubbed released a magnificent genie… and the rest, as they say, is history. ‘Aladdin’, the beloved classic, and its spellbinding journey is returning with a fun new twist, in the live action adaptation of Disney’s popular animated musical.

Get ready to experience the magic and enchantment of Aladdin’, through the live action adaption of the Disney extravaganza, premiering on Star Movies, this Sunday. Relive this ‘Whole New World’, with a complex storyline, beautiful melodious renditions of the iconic tracks, ornate settings and breathtakingly exuberant visuals.

The stellar star-cast, Will Smith, Mena Massaoud and Naomi Scott turn on the charm, grace and enthusiasm for this action-packed, exhilarating and visually compelling joy ride.

Director Guy Ritchie, who is known to direct films oriented towards adults, talked about his experience directing his first ever family friendly film. He stated “You know I am a father of 5. So most of my entertainment is family movies and it was a refreshing change to embark upon something that the whole family could watch so that was exciting. I like the juxtaposition of taking something that was sort of Disney princess-esque and the clue is in the tile. So you got Aladdin a boy from the street. You have quite a lot of that going on and a typical Disney princess. So how are you going to fuse those 2 worlds together that feels like its fresh and new. At the same time not trade on the nostalgia of what I imagine you and I—like we have grown up. So it has been fresh enough yet loyal to the DNA of our original experience.

Experience the delight of Agrabah for the first time on television this Sunday, 12 PM and 9 PM, only on Star Movies.


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