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GoaFest 2011, Day 3: Marketing 3.0 and technology as an enabler

The day 3 started with the knowledge seminars and the crowd in audiences eagerly waited for them to start as the line-up had some big names of the marketing and the advertising world. 

Laurie Coots, CMO, TBWA was the first speaker and she elaborated on how clients are not receptive to take decisions, however they want to know everything. She further added that responsivenss is more important than the end results. Further talking about the com-vergence phenomenon, she said, “59% of internet users access the internet through their mobile handsets in India. So has the industry really learned to put brand experiences in the palm of a hand? The power in India is to be hyper local. With technology and integration of mobile and internet, the movement from the desire to the purchase is a nanosecond. Technology will be a great enabler in monetizing on hyper-local setups.” 

Next up, Daniel Morel, CEO, Wunderman spoke about how Marketing 3.0 has changed things across the globe. He said, “Revolution continues at increasing speed. There is near limitless information in real time and there has been about 62% growth rate of data per year which is as much as 79 million National libraries in India. The massive accumulation of data has resulted in a big responsibility which is to action the data.”

He further added that today marketing is about - Geography, Context, Community and Commerce.

Bittu Sehgal, Editor Sanctuary Asia spoke about the drastic climate change. He said, “No point in blaming government because individual choices resulted in the exploitation of natural resources and the environment. I come to you asking to help us. We are having real issues and also doing wrong things. Number of floods have increased. The vectors and viruses and bacterias are changing. We are not giving nature chance for self – repair. I wish we could share the truth. It won’t take a campaign, but a mind shift.”

The next speaker was Susan Clarke, MD, CEMEA & Group MD, The Economist Group, who said, “Marketers need to figure out ways to use Social Media better. Agencies need to pull the media together for aynergies and push for greater integration of creative agencies, digital shops and media buyers. Don't be afraid to hold them to hard sales measurement. More importantly know your brand and how you'd like it to be percieved.”

As the flow of marketing talks continued, Robin Wight, President, Engine, attracted the audiences attention to the brand, he spoke of how brands only exist because they help consumers make buying decision without using too much brain power. He added that in 10 years time we will be able to read consumer minds to discover the truth about brand marketing.

As the last speaker for the day but certainly the most awaited of all was Sir John Hegarty, Chairman & Worldwide Creative Director, BBH. He spoke of how consumer is in real control and how brands keep moving up and down. “However consumer has always been in control but what they can do now is switch you off,” he added.

He elaborated on how a brand is made not just by people who buy it but also by who know of it. “Brands have to ask themselves, do they want to be brand leaders or brand followers? Every communication processes in the industry should offer choices,” he pointed out. 


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