Goafest 2013: Day 2 Round up

‘It’s all about TV & Digital media’ – Roger Mulchandani, Director of Warc Asia Pacific: Session I

He started off his session with a debatable question that whether TV and digital media are doing well or there is a shift in the mind-set of the people. He further explained about how these mediums have come together and have created a bigger space. The session was titled ‘Seriously Social’.

The role of digital campaigns according to him is all about – Share, Do, Question, Explore and Purchase. As he said, “Social media is utilized for reach than gaining loyalty.”

Through his presentations he tried to make his point valid that with the introduction and expansion of digital space people are more engaging and association with their brands. The best example shared by him was the case study of international chocolate brand ‘ROM’.

He also added that the social media is going to stay, as its share ability factor, TV+ social is going to work together and it will be evident through their reach over loyalty and engagement. He ended his session by saying that, “Industry should start thinking about consumers now.”

Start thinking on long ideas than big ideas.’ Nick Vale, Maxus Worldwide, Global Planning Director: Session II

His session was themed ‘What does great work look like in our changing world?’ and he continued his session by discussing that three factors that affect most to consumers are word of mouth, broadcast and addressable and this has remained there from a decade. He explained it well through his presentations.

According to him five things that needs to be imposed and developed are - one should start thinking long ideas than big ideas, focus on digital that lies behind the screens, work on storytelling across channels, should be social at the heart of the campaign and should move from participation to scaled protagonism.

Vale believes in the above mentioned elements as he said, “Big ideas simply means good and strategic whereas long ideas mean tangible and which can be worked out over a period of time. We know the fact that from past decades we are trying to make technology easier but now it’s time to augment that technology for us.”

He concluded by saying that, “today through advertisements its content that’s selling or the ideas.”

Raymond Velez, Razor Fish, Chief Technology Officer: Session III

His session was themed “Transforming business at the intersection of marketing and technology” and he discussed about how technology is transforming the creative experience.

He mentioned that media (data), technology, creativity together provide a new brand experience.

The media is not just limited to one way communication but it has become two way dialogues.

He further explained that the convergence of technology, media and creative allows us to imagine, create and enable a new experience that customers have never experienced before.

Put the customer at the centre and think of brand as a service, organization must be structured well around the customer, fulfil the consumers need, reject silos, act like start up and embrace diversity are the principal factors to embrace upon.

As a part of his presentation he touched upon some key case studies like Kellog’s Special K, Delta and Audi.

He concluded by saying that,” Technology plays a rich experience in engaging with customers.”


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