Godrej Kala HIT’s new TVC highlight the protective side of mothers

Godrej Kala HIT’s new TVC highlight the protective side of mothers
Godrej Kala HIT’s new TVC highlight the protective side of mothers

Godrej HIT, a popular household insecticide brand, unveiled a new TVC for Kala HIT Lime, the brand’s product to kill mosquitoes. The film, which is conceptualized by Bates Indonesia, emphasizes on the protective instincts of a mother against the danger of mosquitos and highlights the product's effectiveness in curbing and killing them instantly, thus stopping the spread of dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria.

Most of the time mothers have a gentle and soft side to them but they can cross all limits for the well-being and protection of their child. This new TVC emphasizes on that dark yet firm and protective side of mothers. The film opens with a child playing with his toys, when a mosquito’s shadow is seen covering him as it comes near the child to bite him.  The sight of a dangerous mosquito near her child awakens the mother’s protective side and she instantly swings into action and picks up a can of Kala HIT. When she sprays Kala HIT on the mosquito, its aerosol particles shaped like tiny missiles, promptly eliminate mosquitos for good. The TVC hence highlights how the product is an instant killer of mosquitoes.

Sharing her thoughts, Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (India), said, “By consistently driving the message that even a single mosquito can spread deadly diseases like dengue and malaria, Godrej Kala HIT has built consumer relevance. Since it is now monsoon, mosquitoes pose an even greater risk of infection and disease. The new TVC emphasizes the importance of killing them immediately. The only mosquito killer that is guaranteed to kill mosquitoes instantly is Kala HIT. There is no way to know which mosquito is carrying a disease-spreading virus, so we urge people to eliminate mosquitoes immediately.”

Satriono Kartodimedjo, Executive Creative Director at Bates Indonesia, said, “Dark Side of Mom is an act of love, an ‘instinct’ in every mother to protect their family when it matters. In this film, the mother protects her son.”

He further added, “Aside from the swift transformation of the Mom from being a soft loving one to being a ‘no-nonsense-mosquito-killer’ then back to being a soft loving Mom again, we also show the audience the effectiveness of Kala HIT in killing mosquito. The combination of both is what prevents the family from “disaster” and keeps everyone lovingly happy.”

Godrej HIT has been a crusader to kill pests and make every home disease-free, since its inception. Godrej HIT’s products are continuously evolving and getting better to fight pests and keep India healthy. The HIT brand has been trusted by its consumers because it has delivered on its promise. Its mosquito-killing variant, Godrej Kala Hit, keeps you and your family protected, by spraying regularly in all corners like under the bed, under the sofa, behind the curtains & cupboards, etc. The Kala HIT mosquito repellent spray is also available in Lime Fragrance. 


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