Godrej Security Solutions will spend Rs 100 cr on #BilkulSafeHai: Mehernosh Pithawalla

Godrej Security Systems (GSS) has been inviting residents as well as professionals to attempt to break open its home locker. There was also a reward of Rs 1 lakh for anyone successful in this endeavour. The break-in challenge was conceptualised basis the research insights that over 55 per cent of Indians continue to store their valuables in cupboards or wardrobes despite the availability of more economical and safe options like home lockers. The break-in challenge is currently on across 15 cities. The prize money remains unclaimed so far. 

In a move to drive awareness and proactive adoption of security solutions amongst Indians, Godrej Security Solutions has launched their latest 360 degree media campaign – #BilkulSafeHai. The campaign was launched across all media platforms – TV, Radio, OOH, Print Ads, In-Film marketing and Digital media in the end of September 2019.  

The brand has roped in Ayushmann Khurrana as a lead protagonist for its TVC, where the actor represents today’s urban millennial who is ambitious, but smart enough to make the right choices for securing his valuables and spaces. The campaign was also integrated with Ayushmann’s movie ‘Dream Girl’. 

As part of the on-ground activation, GSS is conducting a home security awareness programme in over 350 residential societies and corporates across India. The activation is aimed at educating over 10 lakh Indians across 15 cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bengaluru and Pune, in the next two months. 

In conversation with Adgully, Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice President and Global Head - Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Systems, said, “Overall, we have seen a growth of 15 per cent in this segment, and it will rise to 25 per cent in the coming year.”

Edited excerpts of the conversation:

Godrej home lockers have travelled a long journey. Could you share some details of this journey?
The first Godrej home locker was launched in 1902. Godrej safe was also commissioned for the Queen of England when she and her entourage visited India in 1905. Today, Godrej Security Solutions is India’s leading security solutions provider, offering a comprehensive suite of security solutions for residential, industrial and business premises.

Godrej Security Solutions is the market leader in the space with 80 per cent market share. The Indian security solutions market is highly fragmented with the presence of a few organised brands and unorganised players who act as fly-by-night operators. However, in recent years, we are witnessing consolidation in the segment. Consumers prefer entrusting security of their valuables and loved ones to reputed brands.

Godrej Security Solutions has always focused on making homes and institutions ‘Absolutely Safe’ through their products and consumer awareness campaigns. The company has kept pace with the growing technological advancements and has innovated solutions that are easy to use, but at the same time addresses all the security concerns of the customers. In our country, 7 per cent homes use a home locker today. A few years ago, this was as less as 2.5 per cent. There has been an improvement, but it is still abysmally short of satisfaction.

In recent times, consumers have proactively taken measures to learn more about the different methods by which they can secure their homes and families. People are becoming more aware of the growing need for security, even for valuables and documents. They are looking for accessible and viable options that enable them to have as much control as possible for their safety and security. Through the survey, it was revealed that 43.47 per cent of Indians are worried about home-break-ins, while 42 per cent are concerned about being mugged and robbed. 1 in every 3 Indian has admitted to being careless and neglectful towards home security. However, the concern for safety amongst people has not changed overnight, we still have a long way to go when it comes to educating people security, but the process has started. Sooner or later, people will be fully adept with security solutions for homes and industrial spaces.

What kind of spends have you allocated for the #BilkulSafeHai campaign?
Godrej Security Solutions has committed to spending Rs 100 crore over the next three years for the #BilkulSafeHai campaign. The investment will be used to strengthen its omnichannel presence and product innovation capabilities. In the first phase of the campaign, the company has launched a TVC roping in Ayushmann Khurrana to have an appeal across demographics in the country.

How did you zero in on Ayushmann Khurrana?
Ayushmann is perceived as the humble family man of Bollywood by the audience. He is a regular guy who everybody can relate to, and that is his strength. He is not a villain fighting hero; but a hero who chooses to do the right thing. As an audience, we all connect better with him and his movies. His persona is that of a thinking man. His choice of films and the characters have made him more relatable to the audience as they are more practical and real. There is also a strong synergy in the values of Ayushmann and our brand. He has chosen movies, which reflects progressive thinking and a new way of doing things.

Ayushmann is a perfect fit for the ‘BilkulSafeHai’ campaign from Godrej Security Solutions as we are urging consumers to make sensible choices, but in a light-hearted manner. To make a shift and do something they should have done a while back, which is being ‘Absolutely Safe’.

What was the thought behind conducting the Break-In challenge?
Godrej Security Solutions initiated an on-ground promotion in the form of a ‘Break-in-Challenge’, which is also a part of the #BilkulSafeHai campaign. Currently, the activity is being conducted simultaneously across the country. The activation aims to educate over 10 lakh Indians in 15 cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bengaluru and Pune, in the next six months.

Based on the recent study, India’s Security Solutions Quotient, we observed that one in every two residents in India still continues to store their valuables in wooden cupboards and wardrobes which are easily breakable. Thus, we wanted to inculcate the idea of adopting new-age home security solutions which are 10, 100 and 1,000 times stronger than a wardrobe. It can protect their families and valuables. Thus, to challenge the myths associated and enthuse consumers to secure their valuables using home lockers, we initiated a unique ‘Break-in-Challenge’ that encourages residents and professionals to attempt breaking open a home locker as against a wooden cupboard/ drawer. We believe that this initiative will drive the change towards security consciousness. All the initiatives in the ‘BilkulSafeHain’ campaign are directed to raise awareness among the consumer to take proactive steps towards making every Indian home Absolutely Safe.

What kind of research did you do prior to the campaign?
The #BilkulSafeHai campaign was born based on the insights drawn from the recent study on India’s Security Solutions Quotient conducted by Godrej Security Solutions. The study conducted in 2018 across 10 cities highlighted many security errata that consumers make every day. It was alarming that one in every two residents in India continues to store their valuables in wooden cupboards and wardrobes, which are easily breakable. The study noted that 52 per cent of Indians admitted to losing their wallets. 24.6 per cent of Indians spend 45 to 60 minutes a week just searching for their misplaced valuables. Thus, we wanted to inculcate the idea of adopting new-age home security solutions that can empower consumers and make them responsible for the security of their families and valuables.


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