Goodknight Fabric Roll-On to protect children in their indoor playgrounds

Given the health concerns during the current pandemic phase, parents want their children to be indoors all the time. Without much left to do, children have started to explore every corner of the house as their new playground. However, disease-causing mosquitoes could enter homes and stay hidden in the corners posing a threat to kids as they explore the corners of their homes. Ensuring children and their playful moments are protected indoors, Goodknight, India’s leading household insecticide brand, unveiled a new digital film featuring Goodknight Fabric Roll-On, as easy to use personal mosquito repellent. The film highlights how children need protection from hidden mosquitoes even indoors and by simply applying Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on clothes they get upto eight-hour long protection against mosquitoes.    

Conceptualized by Digitas India, the film begins with a mother applying 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on her child’s clothing, creating an impenetrable ring of protection and the child is off to a swooshing day while staying at home. This is replicated for other children who are either playing underneath a table, or hiding behind the curtains, and also for babies who are smiling away in a crib, which are all places where the threat of hidden mosquitoes is lurking. Just 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On protect kids from any harm caused by these mosquitoes and even keeps them safe from diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Also, this unique product is made of 100% natural actives and is paediatrician certified as baby safe.

Speaking about the film, Sunil Kataria, CEO – India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said, “Given the current context, almost all parents are forbidding their children from stepping out owing to safety concerns. However, the threat of hidden mosquitoes is still a matter of concern even when kids are indoors. Also, with the monsoon season starting, we see a spike in mosquito-borne diseases. Given all this, we want to ensure that kids are safe from the threat of hidden mosquitoes indoors. Through this film, we want to bring out how Goodknight Fabric Roll-On will ensure protection even from hidden disease causing mosquitoes while young ones are indoors and ensure an uninterrupted play time for children of all ages.”

Commenting on the film, Mark Mcdonald, Executive Vice President and Head of Creative, Digitas India, said, “The film is a fun and engaging look at how kids have adapted to the new reality of being confined indoors. Rather than treat it like a deterrent, most have converted their homes into mini playgrounds. From corners and curtains, to tables and chairs, everything is now a source of fun and play. And just as we did with the outdoors, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is here to assure mothers that their kids playtime is completely protected. And no matter which nook or corner of the house they choose to play in, they’re completely safe from any mosquitoes that might be there.”

Enabling uninterrupted play time for children, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is made of with 100% natural active ingredients. It offers a revolutionary way to keep mosquitoes away indoors and outdoors, through an easy application of its four dots on clothes. Paediatrician certified as baby safe, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On protects from all kinds of mosquitoes for up to eight hours, including those spreading dengue, malaria and chikungunya. 


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