Google Adds New Exposure Frequency Controls for CTV Campaigns

As more and more people consume more digital video content on their home TV sets, YouTube, with parent company Google, has been working to incorporate more advertising options to enable traditional TV-like ad campaigns, with advanced online audience targeting, tapping into this rising segment.

Indeed, YouTube has repeatedly noted that Connected TV viewing is its fastest-growing viewer segment, and with that comes more opportunity for more brands to utilize TV advertising at much lower budgets than traditional campaigns.

Google announced it’s adding a new capability to its demand-side platform Display and Video 360 (DV360), where Google advertisers can now manage the frequency of exposure to their CTV campaigns per viewer, enabling broader exposure for lower cost, while also avoiding over-saturation, and potential annoyance, with their ads.

Ad frequency is important to get right because it otherwise causes audience frustration and leads to wasted ad budgets, which Google hopes will decrease audience fatigue and overexposure to repeated ads. The various routes to buying CTV inventory, not to mention multiple sellers and resellers, make frequency a tricky problem to solve. Google’s solution takes steps in fixing part of it for its DSP users.

As explained by Google: “Let’s say you set a frequency goal of five ads per week for your CTV campaign. Instead of showing up to five CTV ads on YouTube and five ads on other CTV apps, Display & Video 360 will now aim to show your ad no more than five times total. Viewers won’t see your ad more than they should as they navigate across YouTube, Hulu or any of their other favorite CTV apps. This more user-centric approach lowers your risk of triggering ad fatigue.”

And as noted, that also enables more distributed ad spend, increasing campaign reach – which, in general, is the key aim of traditional TV ad campaigns, improving brand awareness with the widest possible audience in order to boost your overall marketing effort. 


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