Google updates privacy measures to safeguard teenagers

Google is further planning to increase the control measures of privacy for teenage users of Google and Youtube. The search engine platform will undertake more durable requirements for the same, and will negate the criticism of being one of the firms that are not sufficiently capable to safeguard the young.

Google will allow below 18 years, their guardians to request to remove the minor’s pictures from the search results. It will also flip off the google historical location past for all users below 18 and will abstain them from keeping it on.

These measures will come into force in upcoming weeks, as mentioned by Google.
Google has been charged and scrutinized with respect to the transfer of private information of a minor without parental concern, which in 2019, cost them $170 million.

In respect to advertisements, Google will block customized advertisements that are customized based on age and gender for users under 18 but will keep the advertisements enabled on the basis of context and search history.
Although both Facebook and Google have been limiting entrepreneurs’ flexibility to focus on youngsters with promoting. The algorithm works same on the context and search, not on the age and gender.


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