Greenlam is architects' & interior designers' first choice: Parul Mittal

Greenlam is among the world’s top 3, Asia’s largest and India’s No. 1 surfacing solutions brand. With its presence in over 100 countries, Greenlam has focused on developing quality products with a great passion for innovation. It offers end to end surfacing solutions spread across decorative laminates, compact laminates, interior, and exterior clads, restroom cubicles & locker solutions, decorative veneers, engineered wooden floors and doors.

With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the country, it is the first choice of architects, interior designers, and homeowners when it comes to transforming living spaces. The company is now setting up a new manufacturing unit for laminate and particle board at Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh and Plywood in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu with an investment of Rs.950 crores over a period of 2-3 years. The company has also acquired a laminate manufacturing facility in Gujarat in June 2022 to expand its offering to the mass market segment of laminates.

In conversation with Adgully, Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries  shares ideations and concept behind their latest campaign film and the vision of behind the brand ideology of promoting sustainability.

  1. What were the ideations behind this campaign film by Greenlam Industries?

We launched a brand-new film, "The Gutli," to promote sustainability. Since wood is our raw material, we aim to care about the source. As a brand we promote care and follow sustainable practices to ensure our raw materials are from managed forests. We highly encourage communities and individuals to manage and promote long-term conservation of forests.

  1. What is the vision of the film? How does the film symbolize the brand ideology of promoting sustainability?

The vision of Greenlam Industries is to create a balance between economic growth and positive social impact by embracing methods that promote environmental protection. Greenlam Industries promises that no matter what your choice might be, we use products that are sustainable and live by the mantra Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 

  1. How is Greenlam improving its portfolio, messaging, and positioning the brand through this brand film? 

Greenlam is constantly improving its product portfolio by offering the best surfacing solutions while being committed to people and the planet. Greenlam monitors their resources in real-time, which has helped us substantially reduce our waste production. We also conduct Greenlam plantation drives from time to time spreading the message of promoting a sustainable environment and protecting our mother earth. Through this brand film, we want to convey the message that Greenlam sources wood from sustainable forests, and till date, we have successfully been able to prevent the felling of a minimum of 8,000 trees through our paper waste recycling initiatives.

  1. What are the brand initiatives to achieve the best surfacing solution?

Greenlam Industries deploys cutting edge technology, innovation, and deep domain expertise to produce world-class surfacing products. From commercial to residential spaces, Greenlam has a surfacing solution for every need. Some of them are as follows:

  • Array of Options: Greenlam Industries offers a wide selection of surfacing products listed below:

Decorative Laminate - This includes standard laminates and specialty laminates like AFX, HD Gloss, VRB, Chalk & Marker Grade, Digital/Custom and Unicore Laminates

Compacts - Standard compacts and specialty compacts like Digital/Custom, AFX, Unicore, Lab Guardian, Sandwich Compact

Exterior and Interior Cladding -An exclusive line of exterior and interior grade wall cladding compact laminates with world class quality and craft, that brings you out of the box ideas for exterior & interior décor, tested for high quality, strength with ease of application and maintenance. 

Decorative Veneers - Natural, Teak and Engineered category -Premium wood veneers to transform spaces the natural way.

Engineered Wooden Floors and Door - Mikasa, a collection inspired by nature. Each piece of wood is infused with sheer luxury and crafted using the latest technology, making your floors and doors a cut above the rest.

  • Distinct Features:

 Laminates & Compacts: Greenlam laminate sheets and compact boards are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technology and best practices, resulting in high-quality laminates with distinct features such as anti-fungal, scratch, moisture, chemical and abrasion resistance. Upping the ante in terms of performance, our laminates promise unique and sophisticated appeal with additional perks such as anti-bacterial and fire-retardant properties as an additional offering. These attributes make them ideal for environments prone to microbial growth and fire outbreaks.

Decorative Veneers Decowood Veneers are eco-friendlier than hardwood, as only thin slices of wood are utilized as the surface, rather than full logs being used. Real wood veneers allow you to reduce the carbon footprint of your property without compromising aesthetics or damaging the environment. Greenlam Industries offers eco-friendly decorative veneer sheets that are ISO certified and meet the international quality standards.

Engineered Wooden Floors - Mikasa engineered wooden floors are considered for maximum durability and unmatched performance, where each plank comes pre-lacquered, which enhances its resistance to wear and tear, comprise multiple layers arranged at cross-grain to each other to provide stability to the planks. The multi-layered build, a strong HDF core, and solid real wood layer – all contribute to the superior performance of our engineered wooden floors. As a testament of our commitment to offering superlative quality, we offer up to 30-year warranty on our products.

Engineered Wooden Doors - Mikasa engineered wooden doors and doorsets manufactured by Greenlam industries come as a single, factory-finished unit. Superior doors and frame design, manufacturing, and installation processes result in lifetime performance. 100% quality is maintained, which gives Engineered Doors a solid edge with regards to durability and greater performance. These wooden doors and doorsets are backed with a 5-year performance guarantee.

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing: Greenlam products are manufactured with environmentally conscious practices, leveraging leading edge technology. The result is aesthetically appealing and high-performance surface solutions that do not burden the plant. In fact, for every tree we use for production, we plant ten samplings. Our Green Strategy Group ensures that environmentally friendly ‘green’ initiatives are implemented during manufacturing, resulting in sustainable business processes and end products.

Guided by the five core values of trust, speed, performance, teamwork, and learning, Greenlam offers industry-leading surfacing solutions with an aim to not only transform spaces, but will also enrich your lives through beautiful and purposeful products. 

We aim to reach the masses so that we convey the message of Greenlam Industries is a responsible brand. Brand awareness is one of the important aspects of the campaign and creates awareness that one does not need major steps to bring change, even small steps taken in the right direction brings a major turnaround in the environment. We engage in digital media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Meta for film promotions.

  1. What is your target audience and what are the expectations from this campaign?

The film is targeted at the masses. Through this film we want to communicate that we all should take issues of global warming and ecological imbalances seriously and contribute towards protecting the environment in our own ways. Greenlam is in the business of wood and allied products, however we take utmost care to ensure that all our raw material is from managed forests, and we follow sustainable practices.


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