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Hakuhodo Percept lights up the festive season for SONY Bravia

Hakuhodo Percept’s new television commercial for the SONY Bravia that went on air on October 01, 2016 celebrates the festive season with a visual feast for the eyes.

A series of stunning movements arranged by Terence Lewis, the celebrated choreographer, has hundreds of dancers come together to create precise and mesmerizing formations that appear as a colourful display of fireworks going off in the sky. The mood is rousing (helped by a pulsating soundtrack) and the premise is simple: Celebrate the unique picture experience that is Bravia.

As a product, the SONY Bravia delivers a differentiated, unrivalled viewing experience that is a result of its superior contrast, outstanding colour and a remarkable 4K HDR resolution.

“While the strategy was to reach out to people during the upcoming festival season that would build up to Diwali -as a great occasion to celebrate with a Bravia - our challenge was to bring the proposition alive in a way that would get viewers to ‘feel’ or experience this difference. We knew that all brands advertising around this period would build in the same festival cues around their communication, and if we followed that path, there was the possibility of getting lost in the clutter of visual sameness”, explains Elvis Sequeira, Chief Operating Officer, Hakuhodo Percept, the agency that created the campaign.

The idea had to be dramatically refreshing, visually different and engaging, yet simple enough to cut across language and regions. So, it really started as a two-word concept:  Human Fireworks. Fireworks are a visual delight, have a combination of colour, contrast and detail and signify celebrations the world over. “What if people could mimic the explosions, formations and spectacle of a fireworks display through choreographed dance? The hard bit was trying to execute this. Because it hadn’t been done before. So there were no references to look at”, Elvis added.

According to Jorge Rubia, the Cape Town [South Africa] based director for the Bravia TVC,  “It was hard to imagine how this would come together finally. It could not be too perfect because we were sure that we did not want to do this as computer graphics. It had to be real, organic, slightly imperfect, yet trick the eye just enough to believe they were fireworks without losing the dancers. We had the same challenge with costumes. We had to portray colour without overdoing it. The quality of our final image had to match the perfection of the Bravia picture. Elegant, sophisticated but vibrant and celebratory. We found a great choreographer in Terence Lewis who was able to bring my vision together. His technical knowledge in visualizing and executing how a firecracker would explode and move through dance formations was outstanding and beautiful. It’s quite something to imagine what it would look like from above, and to set the dancers on the ground. So a lot of credit to him, really.”


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