Halonix’s uses drama and humour to bring out feature in its New campaign

Halonix has just unveiled one-of-a-kind motion sensor bullb “Radar” under its subbrandHalonix Prime. This unique bulb it automatically turns on when any motion is detected within a fifteen feet radius, and turns off in the next one minute as soon as the motion subsides. It has an equally interesting two ad campaign to promote it.

The first TVC starts with an elegantly dressed woman getting out of her house and walking down a staircase which is barely lit and is distracted by her cellphone. Simultaneously, a delivery boy has arrived and is climbing the same stairs holding a huge cake in his hand which is blocking his view. As they come towards each other the music reaches a crescendo and the impending crash is averted by the Halonix Radar bulb coming on just in time by sensing their motion.

In the second ad, a middle aged man gets ready to go to bed. After he tucks himself in and makes himself comfortable, he switches off his bedside lamp only to realize that he has inadvertently forgotten to switch off the light in the bathroom. As he looks at the bulb beseechingly, the bulb magically switches off on its own.

Both ads are rounded of with the message ““Thank God for Halonix Radar motion sensor bulb, Motion- then auto-on, No Motion-then auto-off”

Commenting on the launch of the new ad campaign and its relevance Mr. Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies, shared, “We found in our consumer research that often consumers left the bulb on in places in the house that they did not frequent much. They also wanted the convenience of an auto-on, auto-off bulb especially with kids and elderly at home. Lastly they also wanted a bulb that could keep their home secure from the outside by lighting up whenever there was movement. The Halonix Radar bulb and its ads were developed keeping these consumer needs in mind.

Harsh Maheshwari, Sr. Creative Director (Copy), Enormous Brands, has this to say regarding the thought behind the ad, “The idea of using Halonix Radar Bulb as the magical intervention to make people’s lives convenient and safe. After all, what's cutting edge technology if not borderline magic, right? He further added that getting the casting and music right was critical to bring out the product magic in an interesting manner”

Amar Wadhwa, Executive Director,CrystalEyes, who advises Halonix on Marketing Strategy added “The Halonix Radar bulb campaign will sensitise the consumers to the benefits of motion sensor technology. One ad focuses on Auto-on and showcases safety while the other ad focuses on Auto-off and highlights convenience/savings.”

Halonix Prime motion sensor bulb ‘Radar’ is best-in-class by far in terms of its wattage  (10 watts), Luminous flux (850 lumens) and Colour temperature (6500 Kelvin). Moreover this product is made in India at the state-of-the art Halonix factory at Haridwar. 

Priced at Rs 349/-, Halonix Prime motion sensor bulb ‘Radar’, is available in all the leading electrical stores across the country as well as on amazon.


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