Hamdard’s Jigreen seeks to clear the misconceptions on ‘liver’

Hamdard Laboratories (India), a 100-year-old brand in the health and wellness segment, has rolled out a new social media campaign – titled ‘#JigarMatlabLiver’ – for their brand Jigreen, a natural Liver health tonic. The campaign focuses on clearing the misconception regarding ‘Jigar’ in India. If asked, ‘What’s the meaning of ‘Jigar’?’ with confidence, one would say ‘Heart’. But despite this confidence, Hamdard has taken the onus to clear the air around this popular misconception. Conceptualised by Gurgaon-based agency Chimp&z Inc, the campaign humorously breaks the myths regarding the liver and its functions. 

This campaign follows the new Jigreen TVC. The aim of ‘#JigarMatlabLiver’ campaign is to clarify the very meaning of liver, create awareness about liver health and relate it with the brand name ‘Jigreen’. 

Courtesy Bollywood, ‘Jigar’ is widely believed to be a synonym of the heart in every sense. Targeting the very source of this misconception, Jigreen developed a post series that brought a tongue-in-cheek twist to some popular Bollywood songs and dialogues, for example, “My Jigar da tukda” is now “My Liver da tukda” and “Dard-e-dil, dard-e-jigar” is “Dard-e-dil, dard-e-liver”, along with inviting audiences to share their responses on more such lyrics and dialogues. 

Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard, commented, “Liver is an integral part of our daily lives and most people are not even aware of it. With this new campaign, we are introducing the significance our liver has by demystifying the liver and its functions in a soft, easy manner to appeal to people’s minds in the longer run. We want people to change their attitude about taking their liver for granted. We want to create a connect so that they understand our thought processes behind Jigreen – Liver ka jigri. The TVC, supplemented with the social media and print campaigns, is aimed to transform our thought concept into a perfect audio and visual form.” 

On the thought process behind the campaign, Lavinn Rajpal, Co-founder, Chimp&z Inc, Gurgaon, said, “When you get an unusual brief, it creates a level of excitement and gives the boost to perform well. And Jigreen is a perfect example of that where we had to break some stereotypical thoughts and give liver a whole new ideation. We know that this category has only a few players and yet none of them had seen the merit of creating awareness at a mass level to expand the category. We had the challenge to engage masses and make them understand the message we are trying to convey. #JigarMatlabLiver did more than what we expected in this regard.”


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