Haptik, an ambitious step in the world of endless problems!

An automated call machine, followed by a series of dialer notes, a few under the breathe exclamations later comes on line a not-so-qualified expert who very efficiently decides to waste your time and tick you off. A problem faced by all of mankind; it’s time Customer Support got a makeover!

The Internet has been around for over 2 decades but we still struggle to find support for services we use. Its time somebody said, “Enough of that pain,” You shouldn’t have to wait on the phone and listen to that painful call center music, or sift through endless FAQs. It should be as easy as sending a message, and chatting directly with a real person. Like SMS. Enter – Haptik!

Haptik is a Smartphone app to chat with experts for support, information, and almost anything else. Think conversation, but instead between users and support specialists. Haptik enables you to send messages to their in-house experts, and get responses instantly – just like texting a friend! The nerve wrecking wait is now over as Haptik gets queries answered or situations resolved with ease.

Co-founded by Aakrit Vaish (Former Director, Flurry, India) and Swapan Rajdev; Haptik is a revolution in the digital space resolving a very basic, relevant and inherent problem that stemmed from the lack of any cohesive solution available.

Adgully caught up with Aakrit Vaish; Co-Founder and CEO, Haptik Inc. to get deeper insights about the new era of technology.

Speaking about how will it bridge the need gap, he said, “Its 2014, the Internet has been around for 2 decades but it is still a pain to get support and information for services we use. 95% users hate having to call companies and wait on call centre queues, and searching through FAQs is also a pain. The asynchronous nature of mobile messaging means that I can send a message directly to a person, who can then respond and the conversation continues like normal texting. Text communication is also clearer as everything is written and tracked vs. voice communication where it can be annoying to transmit critical information.” 

As of now the app is available on iOS & Android and will be available on Windows Phone by the end of the year. Currently, they have not partnered with any companies and are just supporting them using their internal team of experts. Interestingly, post launch, they have been in talks with 10-15 companies to come on board and directly engage with their users.

In such a competitive space it is undoubtedly important for any new app to make its presence felt. So when asked how would they be doing the same, Vaish said, “We are addressing a huge pain point which has helped us get noticed among the pack. Over 20 leading publications in India have covered us and the "word of mouth" effect is spreading fast. Our average rating on the App Store across 200 ratings is 4.6/5. So, the best way to acquire more users is to keep your current users happy, which is what we are doing.”

Well, looking at the innovations with which the brands have been revolving and the pace with which the digital space is growing and evolving, is it fair to say that social media is a passé now? Giving his take on the same, he said, “We don't think social media is a passé. It is very much here to stay and now is when we are seeing the true potential of what it can do. On the overall digital space, it is pretty much a mobile only world now where all activity is moving there. It is all about apps and the ones that control the home screen of the user will rule!”

In terms of trends, he believes that there were about 75m smart phones in India at the end of 2013. This will probably double in 2014, making India the 3rd highest market in the world after China and USA. “The next important frontier for us to cross will be mobile payments, enabling seamless transactions in app supported by carrier billing, so that app developers can monetize successfully,” Vaish added.  

Interestingly the app was launched few months back, on 31st march, and at the end of 2 weeks, they crossed 40,000 messages processed on the platform though the recent update was not tracked while filing the story but the response seems to have been good.  

Haptik is an ambitious yet logical step into your world of endless problems. With a superlative design interface the application is also one of the best designed apps to come out of the Indian Market for Indian Consumers.

Haptik gets you responses in mere minutes in a friendly no-nonsense environment. You send a text, and Haptik does all the work. You hate calling companies? We do too! This March, Haptik welcomes you to the future.


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