#HarTensionSaheChaltiRahe: New influencer campaign from KEI Industries Ltd

The renowned wires and cables brand KEI Wires & Cables have recently unveiled their new influencer campaign - #HarTensionSaheChaltiRahe, crafted and executed by BC Web Wise. The brand welcomed the new year with an electrifying and exciting campaign in collaboration with two influencers, Raj Shamani and Samar Experiment, on social media. This was to spread awareness on the importance of the right type of wiring to avoid major mishaps.

The campaign was initiated by the first keynote influencer - Raj Shamani, who rightly highlighted how crucial it is to spend wisely and invest in the right things for your home. But, while doing so, we often overlook the fact that electrical wiring of your home is also a big investment. And if done wrongly, it may lead to serious losses with short circuits. His video captures this essence and message of making the right choice with KEI Wires - that are safe, secured and the experts.

The second  influencer is an experiment whizz  - Samar Experiment, who explores different products for his products and this time, it was none other than KEI Wires. In the video, Samar made an electric cycle with KEI wires, highlighting the flexibility of its use, energy efficiency and its capability of withstanding load. In this experiment, Samar captured the unique use of the wires in his jugaadu electric cycle experiment.

On the launch of the campaign, Ms. Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder & MD, BC Web Wise said, “This campaign is definitely a step in the right direction and opens new opportunities for the brand. Wires and Cables can be a bit technical to understand but at the same time are very crucial for your house or commercial settings. This influencer campaign will facilitate the audience to understand this importance and choose better.”

Mr. Anil Gupta, CMD, KEI Industries Ltd. said, “The wires and cables industry is vast with umpteen products and advancements every day. It can get overwhelming to understand the products and its technicalities.  as having knowledge about the industry and the product proves beneficial to users. As pioneers of providing advanced wiring solutions to customers, it is also our duty to help them understand the significance of wiring. Thankfully today, digital media is providing us several ways of communicating this to the end-user. We have seen that while brand awareness can be established with old-school advertising, present day consumers are seeking information and getting influenced by content created by people who they can consider experts in the field. We have therefore taken a conscious step towards collaborating with such creators to raise awareness about our brand’s USPs. And owing to the large follower base of these content creators, we are being able to reach a larger audience as well.”

Alok Garg, Vice President, BD and Sales, BC Web Wise said, “This campaign is definitely different, exciting and opens new opportunities for the brand. While the  influencer campaign will facilitate audience understanding of the category and help them choose better, it also establishes KEI as a company that’s taking significant steps towards adopting digital trends, in line with the modern-day consumer behaviour.”

The campaign has kickstarted the year for KEI on a powerful note and has been its very first engagement.


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