Here are the 5 Trends That Will Define 2021’s Mobile Gaming Outlook

The world of mobile gaming has changed drastically over the past decade, but perhaps no year saw more innovation than 2020. That said, it is almost certain that the pace set in the last year will continue, with that momentum carrying gamers and the technology they use into a new decade and a new era of mobile gaming fun!

The restrictions imposed due to the pandemic outbreak and subsequent lockdowns pushed people to explore alternate modes of entertainment. This paradigm shift massively boosted the popularity and demand for mobile gaming, particularly virtual casino platforms. Besides a host of new casino portals, many online review platforms also emerged last year for finding the best online casino in India.

Here are just some of the ways last year has changed the mobile gaming industry and how those trends are sure to continue shaping the way we play on the go, moving forward: 

A Great Need for Entertainment and Pleasant Distraction

The year 2020 was a tough one. That’s certain to be noted in every future history book. But what might be less discussed is the need for entertainment that it created — a need that has not diminished, even as the world tries to get back on its collective feet.

With so many people stuck inside their homes, unable to attend school or go to work the way they were accustomed to doing, boredom was a major problem in 2020. As such, many people turned to online gaming to pass the time in quarantine and isolation. It means that the gaming industry has a massive demand, and it rose to the challenge. Thousands of new games and websites came onto the scene in 2020, and there will likely be many more in the coming months. 

Major Improvements to Mobile Technology

You’ve probably already heard someone mention the new 5G technology that is sweeping the globe, but did you know that this technology makes mobile gaming easier and more accessible than ever before? It’s true — many of your favourite mobile games are now optimised for 5G streaming technology, making them faster and more accurate. It means that whether you’re tapping your screen, shaking your phone, or just tracking steps, your phone is better able to help you play games than it has ever been, and games are moving forward in leaps and bounds to keep pace! 

Improved Access to the Internet 

More people were able to use the internet regularly in 2020 than ever before. With more people working from home and attending school remotely via online learning, more countries have made strident efforts to make internet access more affordable and available to their residents. As such, more people are now using the internet than ever, and many of those people are using it for gaming and other entertainment.

It isn’t just stationary router-based internet use that has seen a major uptick in the last eighteen months, though. Mobile internet use has also seen a huge jump in utilisation, due largely to both the need for internet-based technology in everyday life and the advent of better mobile technologies like 5G. These trends all seem to be working in tandem to shape the mobile gaming landscape and are very likely to continue doing so well into the future. 

The Commonality of Mobile Gaming 

All of the previously-mentioned breakthroughs, developments, and social shifts have led to the widespread use and acceptance of mobile games. What might have once been seen as a frivolous way to spend time is now an everyday way of life for many people. Whether it’s a few rounds of your favourite game while waiting for the bus or a relaxing way to unwind on your lunch break or after school, mobile gaming is something that nearly everyone is doing. The availability of games designed for every age, interest, and ability is just one more reason that everyone seems to have a favourite mobile game these days! 

Virtual Reality

Have you heard of virtual reality? You probably have, but you might not realise just how advanced the technology has become. Through major innovations just in the last few years alone, VR technology has become so realistic in its renderings that it can simulate real places and spaces with incredible accuracy.

It was used heavily during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since people could no longer leave their homes safely, many of the experiences and excursions that they were longing for were no longer advisable or even available. Because of this, many websites and applications began offering virtual versions, letting museum patrons interact directly with the exhibits through virtual reality or helping them find the best online casino in India for an incredibly realistic gaming experience that paid real cash. Nothing was off-limits with modern technology in hand or, we should more likely say, in front of our faces! 

It is perhaps one of the biggest trends of all of 2020 and will likely continue to impact gaming in 2021 and well beyond. Since so many people utilised virtual reality and other advanced gaming technologies, these consoles and their associated technology has become much more commonplace. Advancements in the quality and accessibility of these technologies have made gaming accessible to people from all walks of life. It means that more people are utilising gaming technology and advancements in that technology are sure to follow, as a result!


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