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Here's Why Amazon Prime Video's Ek Mini Katha is a Must Watch

Amazon Prime Video's latest release, Ek Mini Katha is proving to be a rib tickling affair. Ever since its trailer dropped online, it made heads turn and there was much intrigue around the subject. Even stalwarts like Prabhas and Ram Charan took notice and shared their reactions on social media. Directed by debutant Karthik Rapolu and written by Merlapaka Gandhi, the film released on Amazon Prime Video today, May 27. Starring Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Brahmaji and Sudharshan, the UV Concepts production has garnered immense love from the audience and critics.

We present 5 reasons why you should watch Ek Mini Katha: 

1) Santosh Shoban's Performance:

Santosh Shoban's acting does complete justice to this rather bold and quirky comic tale. It's evident that he's walked into the film with complete research and study about his character. He's handled the complex subject of a small penis syndrome rather well, lending a perfect mix of emotions throughout the film. His struggles with an unexplainable problem make for an interesting watch. He gets the nuances and the comic timing bang on. Not just Shoban but Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Bhahmaji, Harsha Vardhan and the other cast members also shine with their respective performances.

2) Merlapaka Gandhi's writing:
Merlapaka Gandhi deserves an applause for having the courage to take on an idea like this and develop it into a commercial film. His story is the soul of the film. He's handled a bold and rather unusual subject with a great balance, lacing it up amply with some good humour. In times like these, it not just inspires some giggles and laughs but also spreads an important message. Full marks to the writer to bringing the issue to the fore, in such a funny manner.

3) Unusual & Bold Concept:

The small penis syndrome, a psychological issue faced by a huge percentage of men but seldom addressed in the open, makes for a bold choice to be discussed in a commercial film on such a huge platform. But the writer and director, Merlapaka Gandhi and Karthik Rapolu have taken the plunge and brought this conversation out in the open, with great elan.

4) Humour and Dialogues:

The otherwise serious subject, is handled just as it should have been. Not making it too grave or grim, the humour in the film eases the matter so beautifully. The witty dialogues and hilarious scenes that infuse laughter are priceless. It not just keeps you engaged but helps you look at this particular issue highlighted through Ek Mini Katha, with a dash of humour.

5) Socially Relevant Message:

In today's day and age, while we live such hectic and unhealthy lifestyles, physical and mental health goes through the worst. Pshychological issues like the small penis syndrome are a common woe amongst the young generation. But since ancient times, this topic has never been touched upon or discussed openly as it's considered to be a cause embarassment for the so called alpha male. But thankfully, Ek Mini Katha has addressed this issue in the most beautiful way, bring a much needed conversation out in the open. It carries a socially relevant message much useful to today's generation.


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