Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Solution promises the end of trials for Hair fall

When it comes to hair fall, women try anything and everything to make it stop. And they generally look for solutions in all the wrong places. Himalaya uses this insight for the new communication for its hair fall solution.  

Sushil Goswami, General Manager Marketing - Hair Care, The Himalaya Wellness Company, says, “We are the leading herbal hair care brand in India, and we take great pride in solving every hair problem, naturally. With this campaign, our aim is for Himalaya to become our consumers' first choice for their hair problems.” 

Conceptualized by 82.5 Communications, Bangalore, the campaign shows a young, confident girl celebrate her victory by showing off her beautiful, gorgeous hair. And rightly so! 

After all, her hair wasn’t always like this! They’d gone through a phase of experimentation, where the girl tried multiple solutions, on her hair, to make them stop from falling. But to no avail. Until she came across Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Solution. 

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, 82.5 Communications, India, says, “I like the fact that we have turned 'showing off' on its head, literally. Our protagonist can bask in the glory of her beautiful hair in her moment of victory because of the effectiveness of the brand she's discovered- reducing her hair fall by up to 96%, an impressive figure that's contributed to her impressive mane.” 

The film encapsulates the growing anxiety in a woman going through hair fall – her relentless quest for an efficacious yet safe solution that works makes her try myriad suggestions, solutions, and people. Yet, it does little but add to her frustration and woes. 

Anirban Mozumdar, Chief Strategy Officer, 82.5 Communications, India, says, “This ad film answers the consumer’s need for efficacy with a proven claim – coming from the powerful herbal and natural science of Himalaya. Today, consumers are more aware and informed than ever before - hence, strong product advertising with proof from scientific research appeal to an informed, knowledge-seeking mindset.” 

Sangeetha Sampath and Ravikumar Cherussola, Group Creative Directors, 82.5 Communications, South, further elaborate, “Our aim was to deliver the message succinctly yet emphatically. Capturing the frustration of trial-and-error, the woes of experimentation and the benefits of Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Solution were some of the key moments for us.” 



Client – The Himalaya Wellness Company 

Brand – Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Solution   

Agency – 82.5 Communications Pvt Ltd 

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer – Sumanto Chattopadhyay 

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Office - Kapil Arora 

Chief Strategy Officer - Anirban Mazumdar 

Sr. Vice President & Branch Head, Bangalore - Naveen Raman 

Group Creative Directors – Ravikumar Cherussola, Sangeetha Sampath 

Creative Controller - Vaishali Jain 

Planning Director – Sai Karthik   

Client Services Director – Supreeth Murthy 

Group Account Manager - Nancy Jain  

Director – Anish Dedhia  

Production house – RogerThat Production  


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