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#Holi2022: People are rooting for culturally relevant brands #OnlyOnTwitter

Over the past few years, we’ve seen increasingly more people come together virtually to celebrate festivals – connecting with friends, exchanging wishes and sharing their best memories of the festivities online. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a preference for culturally inclined content, presenting brands with an opportunity to drive both relevance among audiences as well as business results. Since Twitter is where India comes together and where culture takes shape, the service has become the go-to place for brands to connect with audiences around festive moments. As per a study by Kantar and Twitter, there exists a 73% correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its revenue, and there’s an 88% correlation between a brands Twitter spends and its perceived cultural relevance.

With #Holi2022 just around the corner, Indians are colouring their timelines in festive colours, and brands have a massive window of opportunity to connect with the moment and celebrate where their audiences are celebrating.

Holi is the festival of joy and people love to share this joy online. Brands, load your Holi water guns with happy colours!

  • As per the Brandwatch insights on conversations around Holi, people online are excited about Holi, and the conversation around the festival of colours begins to accelerate 10 days before and peaks just two days prior – making that the best time for brands to connect with this culturally charged-up moment.

  • That said, not only are people talking about Holi, they’re talking about it a lot! In 2021, more than 459K people on Twitter in India sent over 2 million Tweets about Holi in just the week of the festival (Source: Brandwatch, 20 March - 01 April 2021) – spreading festive cheer across timelines.
  • 81% mentions around Holi are linked to ‘joy’, and conversations around the festival convey a 93% positive/neutral sentiment – making Holi a truly brand-safe moment on Twitter.

Some of the most Tweeted hashtags from last year’s Holi conversation were:

How can brands celebrate Holi with audiences? Customised, relatable, and visually engaging content is the way to go.

  • Audiences are at their most cheerful around Holi, and look forward to vibrant and joyful content from brands. Creativity and cultural nuance embedded in video content will give brands an edge when looking to engage audiences and make their presence felt.

  • Through video and Twitter live, brands have the opportunity to encourage audience participation, and even drive purchase behaviour at a time when people are willing to try new products, spend more, and are evidently influenced by promotions and exciting offers.

  • With audiences being super pumped around Holi, brands can leverage the moment to invite them to participate in conversations through creatively crafted formats – letting them feel involved and valued. By leveraging ArtHouse and Twitter Next – Twitter’s in-house teams – to create customised, tech-driven content and engagement solutions (such as the State Bank of India’s Holi thread), brands are bringing their best game forward to connect with audiences.


  • Twitter’s Amplify Sponsorships, which lets brands align their message from premium video content from publishers on the service, is another way that brands can lean into the Holi conversation through engaging topical content.

For brands looking to build cultural relevance and stay top of mind, Holi is an unmissable moment. Brands must lean into it, join the conversations, and own the moment #OnlyOnTwitter.



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