Holographic display has an impact ratio of over 80%: Karan Bhardwaj

Kryp Media, a futuristic driven media agency, recently unveiled its holographic products – Holovsn and DigiPlay, which use three dimensional 4k videos to accentuate the final effect. 

The agency aims to create brand experiences that are distinctive, captivating and that resonate enduringly with consumers with the help of their immaculately designed customised videos that play seamlessly on Holovsn and Digiplay technology. 

Holovsn is an innovative technology that accentuates the brand by using its ingenious holographic hi-tech videos which create a floating illusion of 3D visuals in mid-air. Keeping in mind the product/ service, skilled designers and animators create high resolution 3D models, which are then adapted on Holovsn and installed at the client’s desired location. 

DigiPlay, according to Kryp Media, is the next big thing in displaying adverts on facades, transforming the display space into an animated, high definition, super catchy product showcase. An end to end customised animated creative is generated with hours of brainstorming with the creative team after which a polarised film creates the magic of digitalising the store facade. 

In conversation with Adgully, Karan Bhardwaj, CEO & MD, Kryp Media, sheds more light on the new technologies, how brands can leverage them, the vision of the agency, future projects and more. Excerpts: 

What is the idea behind launching Holovsn and DigiPlay?

Advertising is evolving from using print media to augmented and virtual reality. Holovsn and DigiPlay are the two innovative products that are taking the entire game to a whole new level. Holographic display is a definitive way of inspiring awe in the retail customer. 

How can brands and marketers leverage this technology?
Both our products are assured head turners.With an impact ratio of more than 80 per cent on brand hammering, it is indicative of turning a prospective customer into an actual one. Kryp Media focuses on BTL advertising, especially in malls, airports and store facades. All retail brands ranging from garments to FMCG and electronics to consumer durables can benefit from it. It is also a great platform for restaurants to showcase their products and deals and attract customers. Recently, we executed a campaign for Charagh Din Shirts and Four Fountains Spa, and the testimonials speak for themselves. 

Do you think that Indian brands are ready to adopt such innovative and holographic offerings?
Why wouldn’t any client be interested in a novel and a unique concept which not only invites undivided attention to their brand, but also saves half the cost in doing so? 

Both Holovsn and DigiPlay bring a revolutionary change in the advertising world. Right from the time the first Star Trek movie released to the latest era of science fiction stuff, holograms have amazed us. Kryp Media is just taking small steps in bringing those illusions to reality. 

What are the challenges that you have faced in bringing this new technology?
The biggest challenge is time. Since the installation and execution of each of these products is a very immaculate process, it takes about 5-7 days to execute a campaign based on its volume. We have our reach in all the metros through our associate partners and are slowly expanding further. 

With a combined experience of more than 40 years amongst the core team and with our own investments, we have managed to create a robust mechanism of budget control and inventory stocking vis-a-vis demand forecasting and operational costs. However, we are open to any lucrative offers that come our way for equity dilution. 

Could you tell us about your upcoming projects?
I would not like to name any clients at this stage, but we are in advanced stage of talks with a few mobile phone companies, a pharmacy giant and a couple of people from the food industry.


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