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House Of Gaming with IndiGG To Host Web3 Gaming Tournaments In India

IndiGG, a Sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games (YGG) is announcing its partnership today with House of Gaming, a new-age tech company known for its competitive esports platform IGL - Indian Gaming League, for introducing India’s biggest offline and online web 3 gaming tournaments.

With this collaboration, we will now work closely with the House of Gaming enterprise aiming to empower the opportunities that Web3 gaming ecosystem will present in India and around the world. Through this partnership various innovative Esports projects ranging from Game Gods (a social media platform meant to bring together gamers and share their experiences) to Hefty Games (formed to develop digital game assets, which include a wide range of games in a variety of genres), and IGL will not just unleash new games that will run on blockchain but will also create new opportunities for legions of creators and gamers in the coming years.

The IGL - Indian Gaming League will facilitate IndiGG with large-scale tournaments, leagues, and other forms of esports events both online and offline. Through IGL, IndiGG intends to bring several partnered web3 games into the Indian gaming ecosystem that will encompass gaming tournaments as well as the traditional gaming market. IndiGG will use the IGL platform to scale these tournaments so as to onboard thousands of IndiGG community members and gamers. The goal is to ensure maximum participation of the IndiGG community members in these activities and make the games reach users across segments.

Commenting on the partnership Yash Pariani, Founder and CEO of House of Gaming added, “Considering the Indian Gaming Industry is booming and the addition of play to earn games entering into the segment will only accelerate the mass adoption of these games, P2E - ( play to Earn games) as proven by axie infinity is only in its initial stages but given the current adoption rate, we foresee a major increase in the adoption of these games in the Indian market, this association with Indigg is in alignment with our vision of boosting the blockchain gaming industry. Our alliance with IndiGG will aim to educate and onboard gamers in the next frontier in gaming, we hope this will lead to an exponential growth in this segment”

Sharing his excitement on the partnership, Abhishek Anand, Business Head of IndiGG said, "We are excited to be associated with IGL since the collaboration will be absolutely essential in scaling up several web3 games in the Indian gaming ecosystem. We will work collaboratively with IGL to host some of India's largest web3 gaming tournaments, both online and offline. In addition, the company will ensure a transparent platform for acknowledging  the efforts of the gamers.”

With the internet experiencing the primary gameplay monetization experience, the web 3 tournaments will be the beginning to involve more than tens of thousands of gaming minds to develop their skills through extensive competitive play. Recently, House of Gaming has announced their partnership with NFT Giant Polygon for launching India’s Digital Collectibles through Hefty Games.


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