How Content Creators Are Exploring Other Avenues to Follow Their Passion

Contributed by: Mihir Surana, COO, NOFILTR.Social

Content consumption has increased enormously in India and peaked in a very short time span. Greater use of smartphones, affordable and accessible internet availability, and the growing popularity of social media have all acted as a catalyst for the rise of content. This demand spawns across various genres: entertainment, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, humour, food, gaming, infotainment and news. As a result, the growing appetite for creative content offers a great monetization opportunity for content creators.

Many have entered into brand collaborations and are exploring entrepreneurship. An increasing number of social media influencers are no longer just content creators fronting the biggest of brands, rather are launching their own labels. These internet-bred entrepreneurs have changed the business game as they first mobilise their followers and then launch products, rather than the other way around.

Content creators are pivoting to new areas where they can apply their creative skills. Right from beauty, to fashion, to food, to entertainment, these influencers have created trends which have gone mainstream and boosted the culture further. This has allowed many of them to turn their passions into a living, particularly since digital influence is on the rise.

How Content Creators are Exploring New Avenues

In recent times, the influencer marketing industry has come to dominate the B2C marketing landscape. Every sector, from retail brands to music labels, is changing its marketing approach given how users are consuming content in different ways on social media. And since these content creators are present on different social media platforms and enjoy a huge follower base, brands are tapping into them to capitalise on the excessive growth market.

With the rising popularity of influencer marketing, many creators are foraying into different avenues to keep alive their passion for content creation. Music is anticipated to be one major arena that is coming up as an attractive option for content creators. Any brand-new music creation requires visibility to work and in today’s time, the best way to gain visibility is via content creators on different social media channels such as Instagram reels, live shows, online concerts, YouTube videos and podcasts etc. 

Artists like painters and sketch artists are setting up online stores where they are selling their artwork and finding patrons for the same. While others have ventured into makeup and beauty, music, dancing, singing and so on. For instance, Bhuvan Bam, famous for his Youtube channel, BB ki Vines, that has garnered millions of views, is one of the few influencers who has gone on to launch his own merchandising brand, Youthiapa, which encapsulates versatile, daily streetwear.

Creator Tanzeel Khan, known for his online presence, is exploring his love for music and has launched a number of successful tracks. A talented and vibrant content creator, he is also a commendable singer and lyricist whose songs are known for exuding positive vibes.

Another famous content creator, Manav Chhabra aka Mr. MNV, has ventured into the plywood business industry with the launch of the brand, ‘HASHTAGPLY’ with his friend and content creator Abheshek Garg. The company offers an exceptional array of premium-quality wood-based furnishing and furniture making raw materials.

Many creators are creating content in regional languages to gain more popularity. Familiarity with language helps build a better connection, develop closeness and brings in an element of relatability to the content, invoking audience emotions and sentiments. Regional creators understand the audience better and tailor the content to what would appeal best to their audience. And it’s majorly in Tier-2 and Tier-3 regions that vernacular content creators have the maximum following.

Moreover, comedians, singers, dancers, gamers and acting enthusiasts are all exploring different formats to showcase their talents, such as live streams and podcasts, which are expected to go big in the current year.

Summing Up

By creating content for different platforms in different formats, content creators can make money. They can grow their followers by exploring multiple channels which in turn will help them sell more content and attract brand sponsorships. On top of that, customizing content to better suit it to what the audience wants to see will help gain more visibility.


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