‘How effective are funny ads?’

Mr. Sanil Jain (Co-Founder, CupShup)
Mr. Sanil Jain (Co-Founder, CupShup)

Advertisements have become a part and parcel of day to day life. It’s not only associated with advertising a brand or promoting it. In fact, it’s something much more than that! Several types of appeal such as emotional, humor, rational, etc. are being used to make an advertisement more attractive. Advertisements incorporating humor appeal are more in number nowadays. However, use of funny ads to promote a brand/product will entirely depend on the preference of the client. Movies, web-series, car and paint etc. brands prefer funny ads to grab the customer’s attention and leave a long lasting impression. On the contrary; brands such as bank loans, home loans, life insurance, etc. can never incorporate funny ads and rather use a ‘direct message’ or an ‘emotional appeal’.

The best part of funny ads is that they easily attract the youth. Funny ads get viral within a fraction of seconds and can be recalled later by the customers. It has been witnessed that funny ads using any movie dialogue in a sarcastic manner or something on the same lines has a huge appeal than simple direct message ads. Social media platforms promote funny ads in bulk and these get circulated like forest fire.

Funny and thought provoking ads are also used as a tool to identify and mention any crucial issue or a taboo in the society.

Since an element of humor is used in such ads, sensitive issues like these are spoken about by the public without any hesitation. Ads on sensitive topics like HIV/AIDs, condoms, traffic control ads such as wearing helmets, using sturdy tires ensuring road safety, etc. incorporate humorous elements to make the people aware and trigger the interest in them to talk about such issues in a frank manner.

As we know, a coin has both sides, in the same way funny ads have both advantages and consequences. It may so happen that the humor quotient takes up the space and attention while the main product/brand lose the focus and suffer from identity crisis as the audience will recall the funny message not the brand.

( Sanil Jain is the Co-Founder of CupShup. Cupshup is a new age marketing agency on a mission to re-define the way brands communicate with their target audience).

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