How HUL, RB, Colgate-Palmolive, P&G advertised on TV in lockdown period

As per TAM AdEx TV Advertising Report – Part 3, during the period April’20-20 June’20, there were 2,800+ active advertisers and 4,300+ brands visible across 380+ categories. Average Ad Volumes/Day in Jun’20 grew by 51 per cent, compared to April’20.

A total of 57,000+ hours of advertising volumes on Television was seen in the Apr’20-20 Jun’20 period. The Top 10 Advertisers in Apr- 20 Jun’20 contributed to 47 per cent of the total TV ad volumes, with HUL garnering the highest share of the ad pie at 22 per cent. Reckitt Benckiser India had 8 per cent share of the ad pie.

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For HUL, a sharp rise in Ad Volumes has been seen from Week 22 onwards, with the highest Ad Volumes in Week 25. Ad Volumes increased by 82 per cent in Week 25 compared to Week 15. 75 per cent of HUL’s Ad Volumes in Apr-20 Jun’20 constituted by Top 10 categories. While HUL advertised for 100+brands during this period, the Top 10 brands of HUL accounted for 38 per cent share of Ad Volumes. With a share of 6 per cent, Horlicks was the top advertised brand from HUL.

Comparing the Jan-Mar’20 period and Apr-20 Jun’20, 12 of the 87 brands reported an increase in Ad Volumes. Rin Detergent Cake recorded a growth in ad volumes at 53 per cent. 18 brands of HUL were advertised only during Apr-20 Jun’20. These were mostly in the hygiene and personal care category and included brands such as Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer, Vaseline Skin Care Products, Surf Excel Quick Wash, among others.

Reckitt Benckiser India saw a sharp increase in ad volumes of more than 3 times in Week 24 over Week 23. In Week 16 (during Lockdown 1) Reckitt Benckiser India registered the highest advertising. RB advertised for 30+ brands during April-June 20, with the Top 10 brands accounting for 91 per cent share of Ad Volumes. 7 of the Top 10 brands were from the Personal and Household hygiene category, including Dettol Toilet Soaps, Harpic Bathroom Cleaner, Lizol, among others. The Top 3 categories together had 85 per cent share of Ad Volumes. Among the 26 common brands during Jan-Mar’20 and Apr-20 Jun’20, only 3 brands saw a rise in Ad Volumes. Out of the total 37 brands, 11 were advertised only during Apr-20 Jun’20.

Colgate-Palmolive did more advertising during Weeks 15-19 compared to Week 21-25, a peak is observed in Week 23; post that Ad Volumes dropped during Week 24 and 25. Colgate advertised majorly for ‘Tooth Paste’ brands during Apr-20 Jun’20, which had a 53 per cent. During Jan-Mar’20 and Apr-20 Jun’20, 2 of the 5 common brands experienced an increase in Ad Volumes.

P&G recorded a sharp jump in Ad Volumes during Week 24 and Week 25, with Ad Volume growth of nearly 7 times, comparing Week 25 to Week 15. ‘Washing Powders/ Liquids’ category had nearly half of the Ad Volumes share, with the Top 5 categories together registering nearly 90 per cent share of Ad Volumes.


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