How is Betting Scene in the UAE different from the Betting in India?

The betting scene in India and the Gulf countries is largely different. While Arabic gambling laws vary from one country to the other in the Gulf, there are a few countries where gambling is legal. For most regions, things like sports betting, casinos, and online gambling sites are illegal in the Middle East. In India, the gambling scene might be a little complicated.

India vs. Gulf Countries: Betting Legality

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Online betting is legal in India. There are no formal constitutional acts or formal laws in India that will forbid people from placing their bets on their favorite online casino game or sports. This means players from India can use the betting sites that are operating in India. However, they must make sure that the sites are being handled by offshore companies.

There are no official regulatory bodies in the country. However, the foreign sites are regulated in other jurisdictions by bodies, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, or Gaming Curacao. You need to make sure that you choose a gambling site that is regulated by a reputed regulatory body.

The gambling laws in India have divided betting into two main categories, Game of Skill, and Game of Chance. Betting on a game of chance is taken to be illegal, except for a few states. Game of Chance refers to betting on a result that players don’t have control over. Game of Skill, on the other hand, is betting on the games that require a skill. It is an accepted form of gambling in India.

While in the Gulf countries, legalized betting is highly rare. There are few countries that allow online gambling in limited forms. The countries with the most liberalized gambling laws are Morocco and Lebanon. Players will find government-approved sites for lottery sales, and even sports betting.

But there are a few notable exceptions to the whole situation in Arabic countries. Be that as it may, laws have never kept the people of India and the Middle East from playing at online casinos. You can find many gambling games with real money in Arabic or betting sites for popular sports. The betting sites that are available in the Middle East offer a range of sports and markets for the bettors across the region, including Dubai.

 Most Popular Sports for Betting in India and Dubai

There are a few sports that are more popular than the others. Some of the most popular sports you can bet on in the Gulf countries are Football, Cricket, Horse Racing, Tennis, Formula 1, and Basketball.

In India, cricket is the most popular sport to bet on. However, the interest in sports is tremendous in a country that has 17.7% of the world’s population. Moreover, there is great diversity in the country. So, the top sports you will find on the sports betting sites in India are Cricket, Horseracing, Field Hockey, Football, and Kabaddi.

Although football is still in its infancy in the country, there is a growing legion of support for leagues, such as La Liga, the Premier League, and the Champions League. Horse racing has its own charm not just across the world but also in India. There are many racetracks across the country and are known to host many events throughout the year that Indians can bet on.

The Popularity of Mobile Gambling in Both Countries

The improvement in internet technology has affected the online gambling market. But with an increase in mobile phone usage, people have started engaging in mobile gambling. computer gambling might not always be handy. While smartphones and tablets provide a wide range of functionality.

In the beginning, there were not many options for different mobile platforms. However, that is not the case anymore. These days the software developers are developing online casinos and casino games that are mobile compatible.

People carry their mobile wherever they go. Thus, they are more convenient when it comes to ease of use and privacy. Desktops or laptops, on the other hand, might not be that easy to carry. Also, smartphones have better battery life than desktops.

All these reasons make mobile gambling more popular both in the Gulf Countries and India. In fact, the industry has since then been rising. Currently, smartphones are no longer a thing of luxury and even for people living in third-world countries.

Bottom Line

Betting or gambling is illegal in a majority of the regions in the Gulf countries. But there are few parts of the Middle East where gambling is allowed. While in India, even though gambling is mostly illegal except in a few states, nothing has been said about online gambling. So, if you are engaging in online gambling, you have to be a little responsible and careful.



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