How KONE India is elevating innovation and reliability in vertical transportation sector

Over the decades, KONE India has built a legacy as a global frontrunner in the elevator and escalator sector. Since its inception in India in 1984, KONE has been pivotal in shaping the country’s vertical transportation landscape, leveraging strategic partnerships and a commitment to excellence. The company offers a comprehensive suite of elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors, alongside cutting-edge solutions for modernization and maintenance.

At the helm of KONE India is Amit Gossain, a visionary leader with an illustrious track record of steering the Elevators & Escalators Division of IEEMA (Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association). Under his stewardship, KONE Elevator India has not only emerged as a quintessential Finnish entity, but also as a stalwart advocate of the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

In conversation with Adgully, Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE India, shares more about the company’s achievement in installing the world’s largest passenger elevator at the Jio World Centre, Mumbai; the company’s commitment to innovation; demand for elevators in India; expansion in the escalator manufacturing business, and more.

Please take us through KONE India’s journey. Also, could share some insights on the trends in the demand for elevators in the country?

KONE India’s success journey has been remarkable since its establishment in 1984, initially through a joint venture and now as a 100% subsidiary of KONE Corporation. With over 5,500 employees and a robust network of around 50 sales and service offices across India, we have been witnessing an amazing growth in the market. Our commitment to innovation is evident with our world class R&D centers set up in Pune and Chennai, catering to both Indian and global markets.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of elevator and escalator products, be it for residential, commercial, office, retail, healthcare, and infrastructure projects. Notably, India is home to the world’s largest and fastest elevators, which is a testament to our technological prowess. Safety and quality are the fundamental pillars of KONE, and all vertical transportation equipments undergo rigorous testing and adhere to great standards.

The demand for elevators in India reflects the buoyancy of the real estate sector, which has been thriving alongside the country’s robust economic growth of over 6.5%. With a booming housing sector and a positive outlook for infrastructure development, the demand for elevators and escalators is poised for sustained growth.

Our expansion strategy aims to widen our market reach, penetrate deeper in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, exploring new opportunities, and ensuring prompt customer service across the country. As India’s real estate landscape continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

How has been the achievement of installing the world’s largest passenger elevator at the Jio World Centre, Mumbai?

The installation of the world’s largest passenger elevator at Jio World Centre in Mumbai is a significant achievement for KONE India, showcasing our engineering excellence. The elevator’s capacity to carry about 200 people and offer panoramic views underscores KONE’s commitment to innovation, technology and customer-centricity.

We take great pride in designing and making this engineering marvel. This 16 tonne marvel is supported by 18 pulleys and 9 ropes for safety. The rope system by itself is innovative with pulley beams. The entire structural shaft moves on rails fixed over steel columns. The hoisting machine is the KONE EcosDisk MX100 Heavy duty – making it not just super strong and durable but also energy efficient, thus reflecting KONE’s focus on sustainability.

Advanced technologies like the KONE E-Link - a comprehensive facility management tool enhances the elevator’s operation, while luxurious interior decor, including crystal-studded ceilings and themed designs, elevate the user experience. This achievement not only demonstrates KONE’s technical expertise but also its dedication to pushing the boundaries of vertical transportation systems, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

What are KONE India’s growth targets and marketing strategy for the year 2024?

KONE India has set aggressive growth goals for 2024. A strong vision and strategy that prioritizes innovation, quality, safety, service and customer-centricity serves as the foundation for this dedication to expansion.

We hope to stand out in the market and improve customer satisfaction by incorporating state-of-the-art technology into its products. Additionally, KONE’s recent portfolio diversification and ability to penetrate new market segments are made possible by its recent entry into the escalator manufacturing sector, to cater to urban needs of cities and the economic development of the country. KONE India is ideally positioned to benefit from this expansion and fortify its market position by utilizing proven engineering expertise in vertical transportation.

In terms of marketing strategy, KONE India is focused on expanding its market reach and strengthening customer relationships. This involves reaching out to new clients, exploring untapped regions, and ensuring responsive customer support to foster heightened loyalty.

Could you share about some upcoming projects of KONE?

KONE India is committed to leading the way in innovative developments within the vertical transportation industry. In keeping with this pledge, KONE India is actively working on a number of planned projects that highlights our technology and expertise in offering state-of-the-art vertical transportation solutions. These projects are across a variety of industries, such as real estate and infrastructure, where KONE is essential to improving connection and mobility.

The integration of KONE’s cutting-edge elevator technologies into significant infrastructure expansions such as metro stations, airports, and commercial complexes, is one noteworthy prospective project. Modern vertical transportation systems are needed for these projects, and they must prioritize user experience, sustainability, and safety in addition to facilitating fast and seamless people flow.

In conclusion, KONE India’s upcoming projects demonstrate our commitment to leading innovation, in the vertical transportation industry. In order to maintain our position as an industry leader and keep providing outstanding value to our customers and stakeholders, KONE intends to concentrate on innovation, broaden the range of products, and actively engage in significantly infrastructure and real estate projects.

What is KONE India’s commitment to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative?

KONE India’s world class factory in Sriperumbudur Chennai, combined with our indigenous R&D centers in Pune and Chennai are in line with the Indian government’s push for self-sufficiency and industrial growth.

KONE India’s commitment to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is exemplified through our ongoing efforts to expand its operations and infrastructure across the country. The company’s dedication to innovation, as evidenced by products like the KONE DX and IoT-based KONE 24/7 Connected Services, underscores the ability to integrate cutting-edge technology and contribute to the growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities.

As part of our commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we have embarked on initiatives to establish new and larger offices, experience, and training centers, as well as warehouses across the country. These investments not only strengthen KONE's presence in India, but also create employment opportunities and contribute to the development of local talent and expertise in the vertical transportation sector.

Moreover, KONE India’s latest venture into the production of escalators broadens its range of products and amplifies our involvement in indigenous manufacturing. Our ability to capitalize on established engineering competence allows us to expand into new market categories and bolster the expansion of India’s manufacturing industry.

Apart from growing the physical footprint, KONE India’s dedication to quality and safety, exhibited by means of meticulous testing of elevators and escalators in cutting-edge laboratories, coincides with the goals of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. KONE India promotes the image of Indian manufacturing both locally and globally by surpassing industry standards and exporting them to KONE’s international markets.

How is KONE expanding in the escalator manufacturing business? Could you tell us more about the recent launch of your elevator testing facility in Chennai?

We have recently ventured into escalator manufacturing in India, and are delighted to announce the successful delivery of the first escalator from our world class manufacturing facility in India. Extensive testing has been conducted at our escalator testing facility within our newly launched Rs 100 crore elevator testing facility in Chennai. This state-of-the-art facility features multiple shafts for elevator testing and dedicated escalator testing facilities. We take pride in the high-quality and high-end nature of our testing tower, which also houses an R&D center and an enhanced customer experience center. This facility not only ensures rigorous testing of newly manufactured escalators, but also provides a platform for customers to contribute their insights to our design process. We are exceedingly proud of this facility and the opportunities it presents for innovation and customer collaboration.


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