How LIQVD ASIA is helping brands create macro impact in today’s digital landscape

The first chapter of ‘Breakfast Charcha with LIQVD ASIA’, organised by LIQVD ASIA in partnership with Adgully at The LaLiT Ashok, Bengaluru, on October 6, focused on the power of ‘Micro Interactions’ in a brand’s life journey and the impact they deliver. The event featured insightful discussions and presentations by key speakers, including Sunil Gangras, Head of Creative Services at LIQVD ASIA, and Parth Dave, Director - Business Strategy at LIQVD ASIA. Followed by personalised interactions joined by the business team of LIQVD ASIA – Monish Sanghavi, Business Head, and Vaibhav Ajmera, Director – Business & Services, who represent their Bengaluru office.

The event was attended by Varun Oberoi, Associate Vice President - Marketing and Corporate Communications, IndoNissin; Aritra Mukherjee, Manager - Brand Commerce, ITC; Parth Shah, Senior Manager - Growth & Strategy, Swiggy; Jayesh Shinde, Head Strategic Communications, Waycool; Ankit Shah, Head of Marketing, Strata; and Sherin Verghese, Head - Digital, Onsurity.

Sunil Gangras began the session by introducing their agency as “An ideas company for the digital world”. He highlighted the deliberate choice of their unique logo spelling (L-I-Q-V-D), emphasising the importance of attention to detail in marketing.

Gangras explained that LIQVD AISA is a digital-first agency with a decade of experience in advertising. The agency’s approach goes beyond traditional methods and is tailored to each brand’s specific needs and challenges.

To illustrate this better, he shared a notable campaign that the agency had executed in the past, highlighting their creative and unconventional approach to marketing. Gangras also emphasised on the importance of having conversations and driving interactions to establish a brand’s presence in the market.

He emphasised that LIQVD ASIA thrives on challenges and is not limited to conventional marketing services. Instead, they aim to understand the client’s problem statement and provide unique solutions embedded in their DNA.

Parth Dave continued the discussion by delving into the concept of the Human Desires Framework. He explained that there are ten core desires that influence human behaviour, and understanding and leveraging these desires can significantly impact brand marketing strategies.

Dave discussed the growth mindset, based on the work of psychologist Carol Dweck, and how it influences behaviour. He explained that people with a growth mindset are more likely to embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth.

He highlighted the importance of micro interactions in our daily lives and how they shape our perception and decisions. Dave emphasised that brands need to engage with consumers through these micro interactions to create a lasting impact.

Dave explained LIQVD ASIA’s process, which involves identifying relevant micro interactions, understanding the core desires associated with those interactions, and connecting the brand or product story to fulfil those desires.

The agency then leverages creativity and technology to develop ideas that resonate with the target audience, followed by detailed media planning and measurement metrics to track the success of the campaign.

The ‘Breakfast Charcha with LIQVD ASIA’ session provided valuable insights into the agency’s unique approach to brand marketing. By focusing on understanding human desires, embracing unconventional solutions, and recognising the significance of micro interactions, LIQVD ASIA is helping brands create macro impact in today’s digital landscape.

This event showcased the agency’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to solving client challenges in creative and effective ways. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, LIQVD ASIA’s approach serves as a testament to the importance of staying adaptable and customer-centric in the digital age.


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