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How Niryas Food built brand awareness: #GheeKeDiye Case Study

How Niryas Food built brand awareness: #GheeKeDiye Case Study

Niryas Food Products Pvt. Ltd is a premier dairy organization that has come into being to provide end-to-end solutions to all the dairy farmers as well as end consumers. Niryas offers a complete dairy product value chain which includes procurement, processing and selling of milk and milk consumables. The brand has its corporate headquarters in New Delhi and is slowly building a pan India presence in the dairy sector.


Niryas Food products recently launched their Desi Ghee in Delhi NCR and nearby regions and the objective was to reach out to the relevant audiences on social media and build awareness for the product. The brand gets good organic traction on Social channels and the objective was to leverage relevant platforms and build both awareness and engagement around the product amongst a very specific target audience.

The Agency

WeBeeSocial is a full service creative digital marketing agency based in New Delhi. They combine their years of experience in creating integrated marketing solutions with creative output to generate a rich digital experience for businesses. The agency lives by their motto – “We create super-rich experiences online!”.

The Concept

To promote the Ghee variant, they devised a campaign called #GheeKeDiye. This was a take on the popular Hindi idiom ‘Ghee ke diye jalana’ which means to celebrate with joy. Since majority of their target audience celebrates Navratri with full vigour and Milk products (Specially Ghee) are key to this festival, the idea fit in pretty well.

The Execution

For the next 10 days the campaign took over all the social platforms of the brand. They started with a post to announce the initiation a day before the campaign. For the next 9 days they paid tribute to each goddess that is prayed to on that respective day and showcased the Ghee ke Diye along with the product to connect the topical with the brand. This helped them educate the younger audience about the significance of the 9 Days of Navratri.

On the 9th Day’s evening, they ran a small contest targeting the engaged audience from the last 8 days and asked them to participate to win the product itself. Hence after building awareness for the brand, they remarketed the contest to them to engage the audience further and win the product 

Mr. Kailash Chandra Gahir, Chief Executive Officer, Niryas Food products says "Navratri is a festival of pump, gaiety and devotion. Niryas with its excellent quality product ranges of Ghee, Milk and curd wants to bring Purity and taste to the doorstep of consumers. Social media and digital marketing play a big role in making the consumer aware about the goodness of products. We organize campaigns and try to reach with various contests by directly engaging with consumers. Niryas tagline  - 'Shudh/Ati shudh' should resonate in the consumer mind space and for this, there is no better period than Navratri/Dipawali festive month.

"Milk is an absolute staple in every household, and consumers today are more aware than ever of quality parameters. We at Niryas consider quality milk and dairy products to be an unquestionable right of consumers, and this is the basis of our "no compromise with quality" attitude. Because of this, despite remaining low key, Niryas has been able to gather a lot of affection online and make inroads into the kitchens and hearts of the thousands of consumers who trust our brand." says Mr. Tamal Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing

“The idea was simple, to give out information which people wanted, while subtly integrating the product in the creatives. We made use of illustrations, which were slightly animated to build more relevance with the festive season. The creatives were further shared by our TG on Facebook and WhatsApp, which was what we wanted.” Says Soumya Sharma, Head Creative Strategy at WeBeeSocial.


“Platforms like Facebook are very important for an FMCG brand like ours because the core target audience – Housewives are very active here. Mixing a topical with the product and layering it with a communication strategy that makes sense to the audience is a formula that always works” Says Shubhendu Jha, Head client servicing at WeBeeSocial.


The Result

Over the 10 day period, the brand reached out to 50,000+ Users from Delhi NCR who fit the target audience parameters. A total engagement of 2500+ was received in terms of likes, comments, shares and inbox messages.


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