How Outbrain outshines with Unveil 2022

Outbrain is a pioneer among the open-web recommendation engines. It makes use of a unique technology that provides 10 billion daily suggestions to consumers across more than 7,000 web domains, as well as connecting marketers with these audiences to help them expand their businesses. 

Outbrain specialises in localised advertising. It recommends articles, slideshows, blog posts, photographs, and videos to readers through targeted advertising. Outbrain's recommendations include links to the publisher's own content as well as other websites. 

With the pandemic-induced surge in online purchasing, firms and marketers fail to employ the right technology to interact with their customers. Outbrain offers advertisers a one-stop destination for the most exciting innovations and new platform capabilities, as well as the chance to learn about new tools and platform features that will help them remain ahead of the curve.

Outbrain has always aimed to develop advertising experiences that users enjoy while also assisting marketers in their efforts to expand their businesses. Over the last year, the company has they have continued to create a variety of unique ad experiences that combine the best of both worlds.

Outbrain provides additional solutions to clients to promote their business objectives and solidify their differentiated product leadership with Smartlogic for media owners: Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) and Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS) for advertisers.

Unveil 2022

Unveil 2022 is an annual advertising innovation conference spearheaded by Outbrain. The virtual conference seeks to reimagine native advertising in the post-pandemic era. The 2022 edition of Unveil will focus on the current developments in direct-to-consumer marketing. It also puts emphasis on marketers' most important opportunity: communicating with customers on the open web.

Unveil 2022 is a 45-minute session and will revolve around the current developments in direct-to-consumer marketing. It will focus on marketers' most important opportunity: communicating with customers on the open web.


Last year’s conference, Unveil 2021, had focused on new Ad experiences, Outbrain's Smartads, which range from click-to-watch video to carousel to app install. The Smartads not only set them apart in the native advertising business but also help them compete with Google and Facebook. Unveil 2021 also introduced the Native Awareness+ product suite, which consists of three rich creative formats — Native Display, Native Social, and Native Video — that marketers can use to repurpose existing assets or create entirely new experiences, all of which provide a seamless, brand-safe experience for their brand to stand out across the open web. Another service they introduced was Optimization Tools for Greater ROAS; a brand can auto-optimize its goals through this tool. You can watch last year’s event here

Some of the new product launches are:

  1. Creativity:
  •     Clips
  •     Spotlight Ads
  •     Outbrain Brand Studio
  •     Vi
  1. Performance
  •     Engagement Bid Strategy
  •     CBS target CPA
  1. Simplicity:
  •     Notification Center
  •     Title Suggestions
  •     Image Editor

Unveil 2022, the one-day digital innovation roadshow, will take place on March 16 in Europe (3.30 pm IST), and on March 17 in the Asia Pacific (9.30 am IST). Outbrain's creativity, performance, and simplicity solutions will be featured at Unveil 2022’s entirely virtual event. Registration for the event is now available here.



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