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How Swiggy and OYO highlighted the issue of women's safety?

One of the most positive aspects of celebrating a day like International Women’s Day is that it highlights the issues and problems faced by women and allows us to have that much need conversation (although it is imperative for society to have this conversation constantly). Some of the issues that women face are online bullying, abuse, and objectification.

This International Women’s Day, online hotel booking platform – OYO and Food aggregator giant – Swiggy decided to address these issues with their individual campaigns. OYO decided to eradicate abuse directed to women on their platform while Swiggy decided to target conversations that objectify women with their ‘Desi Masala’ campaign.

OYO fights against Women Abuse

The number of women that face online abuse is staggering. OYO raised the question of “Do we know many women who haven’t faced online abuse or threats?” and highlighted the fact that women’s safety is an extremely relevant issue today.

Lines like “Ladki Milegi Kya?” and “Are Those Legs Included?” are lines seen often on the OYO social media pages and the company decided to target all these sources. OYO mobilized ORM and turned it into a first responder that supports women and corrects lewd behavior and schooled all these sources with positive reinforcement. In a blogpost, OYO said, “For us, this was brand building at its simplest yet deepest level.” The blogpost further read, “This campaign started on Women’s Day but is today a policy at OYO. We are now tackling this issue on a daily basis by identifying lewd trolls targeted towards women and schooling them through positive reinforcement.”

They schooled more than 3500 trolls who left leud comments, 3300+ abusive tweets, and comments, the campaign resulted in 8500+ engagement but what truly made the campaign a success was the 300+ apologies received from trolls for their behavior.

Swiggy stands against Objectification of Women

As an attempt to break the cycle of objectification of women, Swiggy launched a campaign to bring about a change in the objectionable images of women that pop up when terms like ‘Desi Masala’ are searched online. Swiggy urged netizens to flood the Internet with posts and pictures tagging authentic Indian spices on websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms to help get rid of the horrifying connotations that exist.


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