How Tata Play Binge plans to change the game for OTT aggregation

Tata Play Binge recently opened a whole new world of possibility for entertainment, to all smart phone users, taking the OTT aggregation platform beyond the DTH subscribers’ universe. This translates to providing content access to users in over 12 different languages from 17 popular OTT platforms plus Gaming under one integrated platform, making content discoverability and managing subscriptions easy and hassle free.

The brand recently launched its ‘Bachaa Bachaa Janta Hai’ campaign with the famous Tata Play duo Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan for the HSM market, and R Madhavan and Priyamani for the South markets with three beautiful and relatable scenarios. Tata Play has also planned a lot of ATL and BTL activities for this national launch.

As the Chief Communications Officer of Tata Play, Anurag Kumar is responsible for shaping the brand perception of Tata Play with prospective and existing customers via impactful communication. These communications transcend a wide variety of traditional and digital platforms, and drive brand and business metrics for Tata Play such as Brand Equity, new subscriber additions, ARPU and NPS.

In conversation with Adgully, Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Play, dwells deep into the Go-To-Market strategy and talk about the penetration plan for Binge.

What is the concept and strategy behind the 'Bachaa Bachaa Janta Hai' campaign?

We came up with the idea of launching Tata Play Binge after realising that the audiences are having difficulty remembering the platform on which a particular show is available. As a rescue measure, we developed a platform Tata Play Binge, which allows audience members to search content from other OTT platforms without even having to search universally.

The tagline states ‘Bachaa Bachaa Janta hai’, which simply means that you just need to search on Tata Play Binge to watch any of your favourite OTT shows. Now even the kids of the country know that if you are looking for OTT content you want to watch, you can find it on Tata Play Binge.

The core strategy of this campaign is to convey the ease of accessing the content to the consumers who are looking for the show but couldn’t understand where it will be available.

How does this strategy impact the users, and what does it means for OTT aggregation as a platform?

For consumers, we are making and providing 3 As:

First A is for Availability - Availability of a huge amount of content at just one platform for consumers that we need to shuffle platforms to watch on. You just need to search for whatever you want to watch on Tata play binge.

Second A is for Accessibility - Tata play binge is a great platform for smartphone users; you can easily access it; all you need to do is download the app and see the magic of this app. The app is very convenient for users.

Affordable - Due to the price barrier, many OTT platforms face issues in terms of subscription rates. Compared to other OTT platforms, the subscription price of Tata Play Binge is low.

You do not have to subscribe to any other app if you are a subscriber of Tata Play Binge, because you can take advantage of all the other relevant apps here.

What is your go-to market strategy, and who are the audiences that you are targeting via this campaign?

For this marketing campaign, we ensured to have the right faces according to the market we are targeting. We have Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan when it comes to targeting the nation's broad audience; to target the South market, we opted for R Madhavan and Priyamani.

We are targeting people who are not willing to pay much for OTT platforms, but are still looking for good quality content online. We plan to reach out to that particular audience and give them access to quality content at the best price possible.

How has the brand leveraged social media and other platforms to target the users and present entertainment opportunities to them in a format they prefer, understand, and are also affordable?

Social media is a crucial part of our media approach. Tata Play Binge is available on all the mainstream social media platforms, that is, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where we talk about our aggregation platform. Every week, some new content and some new series or movies come up, and we aggressively circulate all of those content sneak peeks and bytes to all those platforms so that our audience can engage and gain the particular set of pieces of information they are looking for.

Our audience, partner businesses, and OTT platforms have shown us love and support. They have been engaging with our content, and we have succeeded in engaging with their follower base. We are delighted to share that it has been over a week, and there are almost 2 million views on YouTube. Within a week, we have seen a great response from the audience and the subscriber ratio.

Tata Play Binge is definitely a game-changing product and we have content of over 17 OTT apps. If any particular person is willing to watch any content on Tata Play Binge, all they need to do is download the app and subscribe.


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