How to determine the right Digital Marketing Mix during the Festive Season?

Authored by Akhil Nair, CEO, Big Trunk Communications

Since the advent of digitalization, businesses across the globe are growing exponentially and digital marketing has become a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes with fins and fangs. According to Expert Market Research, the Indian digital marketing sector is poised to reach $930 billion at a CAGR of 17.6% by 2026. However, in today's digital world, businesses must strategize as well as use lucrative opportunities to produce significant market advantages during the festive season.

Now we are in the second phase of the festive season and businesses are more concerned about what digital marketing mix they should bring to the table in order to attract customers. While a digital marketer's primary focus during the season is to create out-of-the-box social media campaigns with far-fetched content and enticing visuals, it is equally crucial for brands to identify marketing focused on the season and pull the spotlight on sales. In a nutshell, choosing the correct marketing mix becomes crucial for the business throughout the festive season when it comes to slaying their way to the top.

Digital Marketing Mix-An Understanding

The traditional marketing mix is similar to the digital marketing mix. As the festive season is gushing, all brands are set to take a long shot. However, despite the benefits, the season also possesses challenges that vary from the brand, and in order to overcome they indeed need to adopt solutions such as planning in the right ways, tapping the right audience as well as using the campaign that suits the industry among others to stand out in a competitive market. For instance, a lead generation campaign would work best for automobiles and real estate. Considering cold calling and door knocking is no longer effective, word of mouth is the only method to reach out to new potential clients. Therefore, there are several factors businesses should consider when selecting the digital marketing mix that influences profit during the festive season.

Planning in the right ways

Planning plays an important role in strategizing the campaign. There is no one right way to promote a brand or get the ball rolling during the festive season, as it's a very broad-level subject. However, the brand should identify the right way with perfect planning before embarking on a marketing strategy. The brand must come with a few monetary and data-driven objectives with the same end goal, which results in the desired outcome. The company must attract a specific sort of consumer and be able to measure its accomplishments during the holiday season. Planning gives the enterprise plenty of time to develop a solid campaign that appeals to audiences and markets. For instance, traffic campaigns do beget for apparel brands during the festive season as this campaign provides direction to the customer on the website. Though, the methods may vary depending on the industry if one needs to promote their product during the season.

Tap the right audience

It is no longer sufficient to throw darts at a wall while wearing a blindfold and hoping for the best because content marketing has become more data-driven. In order to attract new customers, businesses target a specific demographic with content tailored to their needs. Businesses that want to succeed must first identify the market for their product or service and what initially attracts customers. Furthermore, giving thanks during the holiday season by offering discounts can contribute to the company's success.

Reduce Low-Cost Buzz to Increase Traffic

Businesses must specify how much they are willing to spend in order to reach the target demographic with their initial marketing plan, as well as have a notion of what the ideal customer looks like. Running

Low-cost buzz is another strategy to increase sales and produce seasonal traffic. Brands can raise their offer for a limited time, which will significantly boost sales. As a result, unless businesses want to take these baby steps, there is no long way. Hence, choosing the right marketing mix during the festive season to create traffic will be a win-win situation for the business as well as for the customers.

Social Media Optimization

Utilizing social media to promote the brand's holiday sales is a great way to step up to the plate. In case the particular brand wants to acquire a competitive edge and be at the forefront during the festive season, they need to drive the campaign through primary paid media. Customers nowadays are more inclined toward social media to communicate and send greetings to their friends and family. However, social media gets flooded with promotional offers during the festive season. Hence, the key for brands to use relevant social media content and target the right audience must be in the proper manner and at the right time.

Perfect Seasonal Mix for Industry

The best way to increase brand traffic and generate leads is to use a perfect seasonal mix. It also assists businesses in gaining visibility and engaging new customers. However, there are myriads of industries and organizations that provide various services. For instance, the main objective for FMCG brands during this phase is to create awareness; hence, an awareness campaign would work best where the brand runs it over through reach and frequency. As a result, during the festive season, marketing mix strategies must be based on the services that the industry provides to its customers.

Final Takeaway!

Businesses in the modern day can experiment with new digital marketing methods and develop more compelling content during festivals. Understanding the audience's behaviour in the right way and needs is critical throughout the year, however, it is especially paramount during the festive season due to the high-stakes dynamics. In a nutshell, businesses need to pick a successful marketing mix depending on their objectives during the season to grow their brand.



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