How to prepare Leader 2.0 under the shadow of Web 3.0?

There have been severe disruptions in the last two years, which have forced the organisations to lay the groundwork for operating in a changing and challenging work environment. Uncertainty continues to plague businesses as new Covid variants keep forcing fresh sets of restrictions on all and many people are still working in isolation. It is imperative that there is an atmosphere of trust and understanding between leaders and stakeholders of the company.

Leaders play an important role in shaping the culture and ethical agenda of the organisation. Keeping this in mind, Adgully’s Leader 2.0 seeks to choose the multifaceted, nuanced persons who are leading the way in these challenging times. The endeavour is to turn the spotlight on the trailblazing, emerging leaders of industry.

In her keynote address on ‘Fueling aspirations amongst the youth of the nation’, Vishakha Singh, Vice President, WazirX NFT Marketplace, touched upon a wide array of current issues such as how the pandemic period has impacted the youth of the nation, Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFTs and more.

Singh started her address with some pertinent questions related to the youth such as “How do we prepare Leader 2.0 under the shadow of Web 3.0?” and “How to inspire the youth of the nation in such uncertain times?”

Continuing further, Singh pointed out that one really needed to look at keywords, such as ‘tomorrow’, ‘Web 3.0’, ‘Blockchain’, ‘Cryptocurrency’, which have become buzzwords in the last two years amongst the youth. “Today, NFTs have overtaken everything that we could think of and now, many companies and brands are transitioning to the Metaverse,” she added.

“When we talk of leadership, we generally have this mindset that leaders need to be quick and innovative thinkers, agile, adaptable, problem solvers, etc. On the other hand, youth is always associated with somebody young – generally individuals in the 18-35 age group. And we look up to them with hopes that they will create a better future for us.”

These are edited excerpts, for the complete keynote address, watch below:


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