I am quite moody when it comes to creating content: Bhuvan Bam

Youth icon and YouTube sensation, the man behind Banchoddas, Sameer Fuddi, Titu Mama and Mr. Hola, Bhuvan Bam is a one-man army, who plays and shoots all the characters by himself on his standalone channel, ‘BB Ki Vines’, which has over 19.1 million subscribers. Along with this crazy fun channel, Bam is also a well known singer, releasing seven singles till date, which have garnered a massive response from the audience.

His musical journey began way before his YouTube or Vines journey started; his latest single ‘Heer Ranjha’ has crossed 16 million views on YouTube. 

In a conversation with Adgully, the multi-talented Bhuvan Bam spoke about his brand associations, how the lockdown has affected him as a content creator, his online store and much more. 

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Everyone knows you as an influencer, but you are also associated with quite a few brands as an ambassador. What sets you apart from your peers that brands want to associate with you for the long term?

I wouldn’t like to call myself an influencer, but if I’m endorsing a brand, it is of utmost importance to me that the brand aligns with my vision and is relevant to me and my audience. I believe in promoting the brands that are true to their name and deliver with great passion. People follow me and admire my content because it’s relatable to them and hence, it is equally important that the brands I associate with also mirror my personality.

We’ve seen prominent cricketers like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli endorsing Fantasy gaming brands, but this is the first time that a digital influencer is the face of a fantasy sport. How do you feel about your association with Faboom?

I’m extremely overjoyed about this collaboration with Faboom. The Fantasy Gaming space has evolved immensely over the past few years and is constantly growing. It is exciting to enter this field, where sports legends who I look up to are already a part of. Faboom’s disruptive platform is what caught my attention, where any player with a good strategy and knowledge can emerge a winner.

You’re an influencer not just for your fans, but also for fellow YouTubers and content creators. What are your learnings as a creator?

The digital content space has evolved a lot since I started out. The most important reason being that people have started consuming content off the Internet, giving us a boost to develop and put forth more content. However, it’s only good content and interesting subjects that interests audience and garners views. Scripting isn’t an easy process, sometimes I write a script, rewrite, and rewrite it again. I believe in investing time in creating relevant and quality content, and that is why I never rush into making a video. Audiences are very smart today and know exactly what they want to consume and like.

What was your experience of the lockdown and will it influence your future content?

Initially, when the lockdown was for 21 days, everyone was worried about how they will stay home for 21 days straight. After the extension of the lockdown, I was a little scared and stopped going out at all. It seemed as if life came to a halt because of this global pandemic. Now we are here, it has been over 6 months and the virus is still there. I believe everything has become virtual. From virtual birthday parties to live stream workouts, there are several activities that are being performed virtually to ensure their completion on time. Even whilst the pandemic, life moves on and so does creating content. I did step out to shoot for an episode of ‘Titu Talks’ amid the lockdown, to interview those who are rarely seen on trending videos – migrants and others who are suffering the worst of the pandemic. I also released my 7th single, ‘Heer Ranjha’. But I am quite moody when it comes to creating content. I believe in quality over quantity, so I am comfortable with the idea of putting out one sketch, or just one video in a month.

You may become the fourth solo YouTuber to reach 20 million subs. As a creator, what opportunities are you now exposed to?

I have earned millions of fans over the years through the content I have put out. They have showered so much love and praises for my content and I am immensely grateful for it. After 20 million subscribers, I will need to take responsibility to be a role model. It has definitely opened many doors of opportunities my way. My only focus remains to create good content which my fans would like. And more importantly, be honest to my audience. I am upfront about it and will tell them if something is bothering my creative process, and I’m sure they’ll understand. As creators, we have to be upfront with our audience. We cannot take them for granted.

By launching your online store, ‘Youthiapa’, you’ve leveraged the culture and love for ‘BB Ki Vines’ characters. When did you realise that the market existed for ‘BB Ki Vines’ merchandise?

The content I put out has an instant connection with the youth and the sketches connect with all because I draw inspiration from people around me. The name ‘Youthiapa’ describes exactly the same. We realised we should come up with something which is innovatively designed and made with good quality and yet is available at affordable prices. It has apparel, mugs, face masks, shoes with quirky slogans like ‘Hustle Karo Bhasad Nahi’, which is quite popular amongst the youth.


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