I never travel without my Cafe Moments Card: Cafe Coffee Day's Venu Madhav

Venu Madhav’s journey at Café Coffee  Day began in year 2004 as Head of Operations and he later on went on to become the COO of the company in year 2010. Now, Director at the chain of India's most popular coffee shop brand Cafe Coffee day Madhav is presently focused on consolidating their position by increasing their presence in the country while also making headway globally.

He has done his MMS from Birla Institute of Technology and Science and Advanced Management Programme from Harvard University. Prior to his appointment at CCD, he was senior sales officer at Indian Petrochemicals Corporation.

A very enthusiastic traveller he enjoys his holidays with his family with southern India being his favourite destination.

Adgully caught up with Venu Madhav, Director, CCD to know more about his travelling experiences and his most memorable excursions which have left behind unforgettable memories for him.

Following are the excerpts from the interaction:

Fox Travellers Diary (FTD): If there is one place you can keep going back to for a holiday, where would it be?

Venu Madhav (VM): Brigade Wood, Bangalore.

FTD: Tell us three good things about travelling.

VM:  It’s interesting, exciting, we tend to meet loads of new people and grab more knowledge too.

FTD: When you travel, what is a must carry for you?

VM: I think a café moment card and yes a credit card.

FTD: When and where did your best holiday happen?

VM: Serai Kabini, Karnataka.

FTD: Being an avid traveler yourself what is your tip for others?

VM:  Be adventurous and don’t expect or plan much. Enjoy with what you have, the way you can.

FTD: A colleague/co-worker from your industry with whom you would like to go on a holiday.

VM: I think lots of them, why only one person.

FTD: Have you ever been surprised by the taste of food, outside India? Where?

VM: I think having Dal Makhni in Amsterdam, it tasted really good which was unexpected.

FTD: What and where has been your best bazaar bargain so far?

VM:  I think in Singapore six years back, I bought my goggles from one of the small streets there.

FTD: Which has been the most unique destination that you have ever visited? When and why?

VM: I think Machu Picchu located in Peru would be the one though I haven’t travelled yet, but love to go.

FTD: Tell us how you have managed to make a journey fun.

VM:  I think journey is meant to end. So, if you enjoy the journey you’ll enjoy its end too.

FTD: A gourmet gaffe that you would like to share.

VM: I think in Boston where everybody said that sandwiches there were very good and when I started eating sandwich there I realised that those were lobster sandwiches and I am a vegetarian.

FTD: What has been your worst travel moment? Why?

VM: I think it happened with my travel cheques, as at one place my signature was not matching with one of the travel cheques and I deal with embarrassment.

FTD: What is the best souvenir you ever bought for anyone?

VM:  I think best gift I bought for my parents, they had their 50th anniversary in Serai Kabini. I think that was the most memorable gift I organized and still cherish. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are purely in the personal capacity of Venu Madhav as a travel buff and has no bearing and/or correlation with his official role; Images, courtesy: Venu Madhav 


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