IAMAI's Indian digital Summit 2012: Day 2 at a glance!

The second day of, IAMAI's 6th India Digital Summit, the most awaited and prestigious event in the digital space highlighted some more issues or may be upcoming issues in the mobile and digital space.

The first session Social Media: Whose Food, Whose Poison, threw light on some legal aspects in terms of freedom of expression online.

Sanjay Trehan, Head MSN India, Microsoft said, "Yes I truly support the ideas of Sivakmar and the security capabilities are still at its early stages and have to be built on."

The second last session, Cloud Cluedo ' Solving the mysteries surrounding the cloud, highlighted some of the facts like leveraging the power of cloud, Cloud myths and realities, regulatory environment for cloud and also new business models on cloud. Manoj Chugh, President India & SAARC, EMC said, "there are various kinds of "clouds' like Private Clouds and Public Clouds and so basically the whole mix of these clouds gives birth to Hybrid Clouds of all shapes, sizes and colors. While the old "skill sets' remain important the new skill systems are needed for Cloud."

Rajnish Menon, Director - ISV & Cloud Strategy, Microsoft said, "Cloud is really cheap but it all depends upon the use of applications. Legally in India, there is no cloud law in place. Today it is all about interpretations of the other existing laws. Cloud computing has therefore become a new way in which one can deliver and consume IT."

Frederic Moraillon, VP - Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan, Akamai Technologies was of the opinion that the three important aspects of organizing a "Cloud' is Time, Money and Labour; while, it saves time and money I also allows employees to work just the way they want to work and from wherever they want."

The last but not the least session concluded the whole day with motivating the listeners to become an entrepreneur. It also highlighted the darker side of the path to become an entrepreneur. Manish Vij, Founder & CEO, Vun Network made the whole session very interactive and informatory. He says, "Firstly it is not easy to be an entrepreneur. It is no doubt a difficult task but the whole game changing aspect is passion. To start off a business, funding is an important issue but the right guidance and the perfect use takes away the cake."

Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO, Mydala.com said, "Funding is tough and one has to have the ability to convince the investor, moreover, immense trust in once own vision is required."

Rishi Khiani, Chief Executive Officer, Times Internet was of the opinion that it not important that your partners are like you and think like you.

The entire day was full of expertise, innovative and instructive ideas floating in the auditorium but I am sure the two day conference left the audience with expert guidance and helpful thoughts. | By Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)adgully.com]


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