IBD India launches new campaign for Tupperware

The days when a train of ants feasted on your sugar jars; when moisture spoiled the crispness of your cookies; and the times when fungus and bugs made merry on your kitchen shelves will soon become history. That's the fresh makeover that Tupperware has in store for your kitchen this summer, as it breaks its third campaign of the year ' this time leading with its dry storage solutions known as Modular Mates. The campaign has been created and strategized by IBD India, a wing of Percept Hakuhodu. The central theme of the campaign is based on "freshness.' The integrated marketing campaign draws inspiration from the everyday kitchen story of delicious food gone stale because of a loose container.

In the process, the campaign, like in the previous ones, adopts freshness and hygiene as an experience that one gets with Tupperware products. Elaborating on the point, Anshu Bagai, Marketing Director, Tupperware India says, "By its design itself, these products are unique. In that, they have been designed according to the kitchens of the Indian homes ' making it stackable and organized. But we had a long discussion with the team at IBD on whether the talking point should be about the shape or the inherent Tupperware virtue of freshness. We realized that with the air-tight lids, leak-proof locks and most of all the virgin plastics, gave us an opportunity to own the domain of freshness on a health and hygiene platform like no one else."

"The strategy at its heart is insightful, simple and appealing", says Jyotsna Chauhan, COO, IBD India. "How many times has it happened that you open a jar of biscuits only to find that it's gotten soggy, or for that matter that your favourite pickle has fungus or more commonly sugar cubes being savoured by ants. All these "anti-freshness elements' devour us of the freshness of food. And that's what the communication is all about."

Jai Singh, Senior Creative Director, IBD India says, "Tupperware is synonymous with freshness. The campaign dramatizes this fact using a simple idea of a post-it note being used as an eviction notice to all anti-freshness agents, by a housewife. This was also followed up with a digital campaign on Facebook which got housewives to write their version of the good bye note/eviction notice. Both have had an overwhelming response. We received 7000+ letters and still counting."

The campaign is being run extensively across India in print, radio and TV on non-FCT spots along with ground level activation.


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