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Importance of creating Diversified Content across different Social media

Authored by Prashant Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, NOFILTR

In the 21st century, navigating the trends of social media platforms is not an effortless task. Moreover, creating diversified content for discrete platforms doesn’t come easy and would demand two major elements, time and a pool of creativity. The content strategy is significant for alluring and nurturing customers to re-engage them. Quality works over quantity on these platforms, where anchoring the nuance of various social media channels remains the prime focus and priority.

In a fraction of minutes, a whole new content sets a trend in the market and grabs millions of attention. Mixing up the content strategy can make you sail through the trends easily, it stands as one of the most promising methods of making your strategies remain out-of-the-box.

An entrepreneur should develop a content strategy that encompasses several sales components, after all the ultimate goal is to generate interest, curiosity, and revenue. Customers' eyes keep on hunting for the ‘feel-good’ content, giving them the content that amplifies the number of audiences will help entrepreneurs to take control of promotions and customer journey pathways. Here’s why creating assorted content can bring fruitful results on social media platforms: 

Catering expectations rightly

Not to forget, that each platform has some platform-specific formats as it could be the biggest mistake and wrong method of reaching a target audience. Understanding the dire need for diversification and fathoming the indispensables of maintaining a stronghold on all the platforms is the key catalyst to achieve the target on social media platforms.

Marketing is a stupendous industry with never-ending channels. There are multiple choices to reach a target audience but limiting yourself only up to few known channels can steal your chances of succeeding substantially in your niche market. By serving customers with a wide variety of diversified content, you make sure that the strategy works for you by keeping them engaged and interested. Exploring a wide variety of social media platforms can bring you mountain-sized profits and future business.

So, the most promising method of keeping your aim going is to promote your content on different social media channels, because what is in demand today may become outmoded the next day. 

Right content stimulates the Right set of audience

The prime focus behind creating diversified content for social media platforms is to pull the right levers to reach the right set of people. Different types of content keep the customers engaged and inspired. For example, infographics, videos, memes, white papers, podcasts,

GIFs, webinars, etc. keeps the audience rightly engaged. Keeping a robust hold on an assorted arsenal of content can help you fetch an enormous outcome.

A trending tool – PODCAST

A huge amount of people are now more inclined towards Podcast content, it is yet another form of content audiences are loving these days. It allows you to connect with your audience who are always ready to hit your content. Exploring different ways of using podcasts can prove to be an effective tool to improve and boost your reach in the right audience. One can use it to share tips and advice or even tell stories to mesmerize the viewers; also using it to interview leaders from your industry can also make you win opportunities and people.

Expand your reach

Hosting a Webinar paves the way to target audiences to get engaged with a topic of their interest and maybe the idea which they feel can bring some difference. Not only this, you can share tips and lead the conversation, and by doing this you can set yourself as a leader in that particular niche. Co-hosting can be the most effective way of expanding your reach. Inviting an expert from the same field will hit the right spot and make your webinar even stronger. Audiences are more likely to sign up and participate with an offer like a two-for-one-host.

Doing your own research will prove to be a cornerstone for the business, though it demands money and is a time-consuming process, you would not regret your decision. One can create high-quality content with the help of research and the information it gathers. It will automatically improve exposure and SEO value for the website.

Transforming Blogs into Videos and changing textual content into images and pointers would add some value to your customers. Moreover, mixing up the format of content will keep your audience interested.


Social media is an infinite pool of content and adding creativity and diversification will bring your ample prospects and future business. As far as your target audience is enjoying the content you post, it will be smooth sailing in the market. In order to understand the market and viewers’ tastes, you would need to try and explore various social media channels; it becomes easy to know where to invest your time and funds.

 DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are solely of the author and does not necessarily subscribe to it. 


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