India ranks 13th in happiness globally: Ipsos Global Happiness 2020 Survey

Ipsos global Happiness 2020 Survey has placed India 13th in the pecking order, among 27 markets covered in the survey. With at least 3 in 5 Indians (66%) saying, they are happy. Global citizens too are similarly placed, with 3 in 5 (63%) saying, they are happy.

“Optimism among urban Indians and global citizens is steady, even when we have seen the most dreadful pandemic, which has been unsparing in taking away precious lives. It is heartening to see the happiness quotient not waning or plunging, despite the gloom,” says Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India. 

Happiest markets!

In the backdrop of the pandemic, which markets have emerged the happiest?

The happiest markets are: China (93%), Netherlands (81%), Saudi Arabia (80%), France (78%), Canada (78%), Australia (77%), Great Britain (76%), Sweden (74%), Germany (73%), Belgium (71%), United States (70%), Poland (68%) and India (66%).  

Interestingly, all these markets have been severely impacted by the pandemic, but have emerged stronger, counting their blessings and accessing happiness. They beat the odds!

Not so happy markets! 

The least happy ones were Peru (32%), Chile (35%), Spain (38%), Argentina (43%) and Hungary (45%).

All these markets are facing their worst economic crisis and recession, which is impacting the happiness quotient. Shutdown with lack of tourism has negatively impacted economies of all these markets.

Key sources of greatest happiness that infuse happiness in Indians

The survey probed citizens of different markets to understand cues that are fountains of happiness. The top 15 reasons that make Indians happy are realistic, goals led and not materialistic, and were: Feeling that my life has meaning (58%), my health/ physical wellbeing (57%), having a meaningful job/ employment (56%), my living conditions  of water, food, shelter (55%), my relationship with my partner/ spouse (54%), my children (54%), being recognized as a successful person (53%), my personal safety and security (52%), the wellbeing of my country (49%), my friends (49%), freedom to express my beliefs (48%), satisfaction with the direction my life is going in (46%), feeling in control of my life (46%), my hobbies/ interest (45%), having more money (45%), my religious or spiritual wellbeing (44%) and forgiving someone for something (43%).    

Top sources of greatest happiness globally

The greatest sources were: my health and physical wellbeing (55%), my relationship with my spouse/ partner (49%), my children (49%), feeling that my life has meaning (48%), my living conditions of water, food, shelter (45%), among others.

What makes the Chinese happy – sources of greatest happiness?

China - The happiness capital of the world - 93% per cent Chinese said they are happy – they too value the simple things in life!

My personal safety and security (42%), my health/ physical wellbeing (41%), my relationship with my partner/ spouse (39%), having more money (39%), my living conditions of water, food, shelter (38%), satisfaction with the direction my life is going in (37%), the state of the economy (37%), finding someone to be with (36%), feeling that my life has meaning (36%), among others.    

“Health, employment, recognition, family ties, living conditions, finances, have a direct bearing on happiness, among Indians and across markets,” added Adarkar.   


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