India’s first ever alien invasion show comes to YouTube on January 29

After the resounding success of their first show “Minus One” with over 15 million views on YouTube, Just Human Things has now launched their second original called Overtime. A 5-episode show, starring Ronjini Chakraborty, Harsh Mayar and Ahsaas Channal, is a comedy horror series based on an alien invasion and how it affects two regular office employees. The show is set to launch on January 29, 2020 on their YouTube channel.

With YouTube content becoming homogenous in the kind of content being served, this concept is a clutter breaking area that no other Indian production houses have explored. This is the first ever alien invasion story based in India, co-produced by Just Human Things and Qyuki Digital Media (owned by Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman and Samir Bangara).

Speaking about the premise, Sidhanta Mathur, Founder of Writeous Studios and Producer of the show said, “Overtime explores the premise of people who want to survive and are dealing with loss of aspirations, goals, sense of purpose and coming to terms with the end of the world. In stories of alien invasions, we always focus on the heroes who defend the world against these predators. But what about the everyday, normal people who have absolutely no interest or the capabilities of fighting aliens? The series is an everyday office comedy with the backdrop of an alien invasion. Season 1 will deal with them learning how to be the heroes they thought they never will be and finally stepping out of their office”

He adds, “But like every human, these people realize that there is never a situation where we can lose hope. Even if the world is ending, we always possess a sense of hope and desire to survive and have a desire to live and make the most of things around us.”

The characters Manoj (Harsh Mayar) and Ramya (Ronjini Chakraborty) are two employees at SLV Software Solutions and Ramya is supposed to mentor the newly appointed Manoj. What seems like a normal overtime day at work soon turns darker with alien invasion. From here starts a classic buddy show, where the two leads need to fight for their survival and make sure they have all the basic necessities. They don’t want to go out and fight, they just want to chill and relax, and majorly survive till they can. However, as people they are so different from each other that this leads to a strained and conflict-induced environment. Two opposites stuck with each other during an alien invasion with limited food, water, no WiFi(NO INSTAGRAM!) And no electricity is what the show is about.

Sidhanta further adds, “Just Human Things believes in optimistic storytelling. The way we define this is not "sappy, happy, content" but content that shows life isn't quite as bad as it may seem. The idea is to hold on to optimism and hope through the stories we tell.”

Just Human Things launched in September 2019 with their first show Minus One starring Aisha Ahmed and Ayush Mehra that garnered them with over 250,000 subscribers in a matter of 90 days.


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