India's Online Game is moving in the fast lane.

Gaming apps revenues in India to touch $1 billion this year
Gaming apps revenues in India to touch $1 billion this year

Online gaming is on the rise in India, with over 300 million online gamers in the country and we will see more gamers joining this bandwagon.  While mobile gaming in India is dominated by free games, the gaming app scene in the country is growing at a rapid pace and the revenue is expected to reach $1 billion this year according to industry estimates. With working from home happening and people having lot of leisure time we will only s witness  more gaming enthusiast playing the game online.

The easy availability of cheap and affordable smart phones supplemented by the data packs have played in to the hands of gamers. Some of the games that have become popular in India are games like PUBG, Ludo King, 8 Ball Pool, and online poker PUBG, Ludo King, 8 Ball Pool, and online poker. And there is no rocket science required to understand and play these games, so when it comes to playing it is quite easy and friendly to play. So, let’s examine how online games can benefit and what are its advantages.

What’s the advantage of playing online gaming?

Some of the advantages that the online game offers are useful. If one plays the game judiciously one can benefit in several ways. Firstly, it helps you to improve your communication and coordination skills. You will also improve your problem-solving ability. Some of the games are a great source for learning and will also help you in enhancing hour memory.

What are the popular Online Games?

 - PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG is now one of the most popular mobile games with Indian players - over 50 million people play PUBG in the country.

PUBG has several game modes and maps to choose from. The ‘Classic’ mode is most popular, and involves you being deployed on an island. A maximum of 100 players can compete in a match. You must gather artillery, defeat your opponents, and avoid being engulfed in the time-bound barrier which destroys your health, eventually killing you.

The last player/team standing, wins a match. What makes the game even more interesting, is the fact that you can drive vehicles! You can also take part in several tournaments on an annual basis, including the likes of the PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS), which comes with a prize pool of ₹50 lakh, and the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO).

- PokerStars app

Poker is another game that is quickly becoming a trend among Indians. Much like other online games like PUBG or other strategic games, playing online poker requires a player to apply strategy and skills, which can be learned while mastering the game.

Poker is a complex mind sport, and to become proficient you will need to continue working on the basics - you must explore the various terms associated with the game, understand the poker hierarchy, learn the virtue of patience, study your opponents, and maintain a poker face. As long as you make the right choices, results will follow.  

Gaming App Revenues in India
Gaming App Revenues in India

- Ludo King

Ludo is a game that all of us have played while growing up, and Ludo King is an app that brings to life the experience of playing Ludo with friends. Along with PUBG, Ludo King is one of two gaming apps in India, which have been classified as unicorn mobile games.

The game offers you the opportunity to play with loved ones, who may be miles away from you at any point of time. A game of Ludo involves 4 players. A player belongs to either the red house, green house, blue house, or yellow house (you can choose a house of your liking). Each player has 4 game pieces.

You must roll a dice, and take all 4 pieces around the board, without being killed by other house members – you can kill opposing house pieces along the way to stamp your authority. Playing a game of Ludo on Ludo King is an excellent way to renew rivalries, and bring a smile on your face, while passing time on a bright sunny Sunday morning.

- 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is another fascinating game that enables you to play a game of pool with friends from the comfort of your mobile phone. You can play a variety of different tournaments at different stakes while you hone your pool skills. As and when you complete tasks, or win games, you will receive coins. You can use these coins (or real money) to buy in-game accessories, to enhance your gaming experience, and beat your opponents.

Final Verdict


The online gaming industry will benefit the Indian markets as the gaming industry is in the growth trajectory and is gathering a good momentum.  Technology has become a great enabler and advancements in technology especially in the smart phone category has helped gamers to access the online game. We will see more gamers participating in the online games and games like PUBG, online poker, Ludo King, and 8 Ball Pool are currently the favourites of many. With innovation being the name of the game, we can expect more and  more newer games being introduced to capitalize the booming online gaming space.



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