Innovations have always been synonymous with brand Skore: Vishal Vyas

When it comes to buying condoms, the whole process is tinged in some amount of embarrassment. On the other hand, condom brands have been bold and innovative in their advertising and marketing to lure the consumers.

Recently, Skore Condoms, India’s third largest condom brand launched its new range of premium condoms, the ‘Champion’ series. For the launch, the brand has associated with West Indies cricketers, Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle. In the process, Bravo and Gayle have teamed up with the brand to re-create the Champion Song.

A little while, Skore also conducted India’s First Condom Fashion show, where it had fashion designers create dresses out of condoms. The objective of the event was to educate and create awareness among people that condom is no longer a taboo in India and send out a strong message that ‘Condom is Fashionable’.

In conversation with AdGully, Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing, Skore Condoms, speaks about being innovative in promoting the use of condoms, change in buying behaviour, growth of the condom market in India, marketing challenges and more.  


How will Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle be involved in brand promotions for Skore?

We have associated with two celebrities for our launch of our new series, called Champion Series. Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo bring in the much-needed charm to promote our new product range amidst urban youth across the country. We are coming out with the Indian version of Dwayne’s ‘Champion’ song, which will be released in September-end.

So far, Skore has not had a brand ambassador. How has it worked out for the brand?

It’s a way of our brand journey, we have sustained for a long run with whatever we have done, but while talking we realised the opportunity of having a brand ambassador on board. Ideally, our master struggle is in terms of creating awareness.

Skore today it the third largest condom brand in India. What have been the key contributors to its growth? 

TTK, as a company, believes in nothing but the best of the products: Our industry know-how is world-class. And consequently, so are our products.

  • TTK condom division is in condom business since 1940s and is one of the pioneers in condom manufacturing in the country. We have as a condom manufacturer, spearheaded many revolutions in the condom industry. Be it establishing the country’s first condom manufacturing plant in 1963 or installing the country’s first electronic testing facility; or introducing India’s first non-subsidised condom in 1974 we have always been at the forefront in bringing new technologies, new products and new expertise to the condom market in India. 
  • With such production strength behind us, we are one step ahead of competition in term of producing top quality condoms.

The Know-how of condom market and category:

  • Other edge we had is our understanding of condom market since 70s. We were selling and distributing condoms since late 70s and we knew where condoms are sold, how it’s sold and who sells them. This distribution know-how was a great asset.
  • We also own the consumer understanding and the category experience. The consumer has changed unrecognizably over the last few decades. Skore addresses their wants and needs.

The communication that all this has resulted in: Path-breaking, disruptive, and noticeable, at the same time. Not to forget, always engaging.

Keeping innovation at the forefront: As they say innovate or die, we chose the first option. Skore is well known for its innovations in the industry. Innovations have always been synonymous with the brand.

  • Apart from regular popular condom range, we have recently launched unique variants like cooling condoms, warming Condoms etc. which were well received in the market; however, we didn’t stop at the product level. Going beyond products, with an aim to enhance user experience, we have also provided solutions to the problems which one faces while using condoms .e.g., one common problem most of the consumers faces is disposing the used condom it the right way. We provided solution by launching Skore Easy condoms with free disposal pouches.
  • Launching a book to discreetly hide condoms is another attempt to enhance consumer experience.
  • Also, path breaking branding activation like organising India’s first sex conference or conceptualising and organising India’s first condom fashion show too has given us  desired differentiation and edge in the market.

What is Skore’s share of the Indian condom market today? How big is the condom market in India today? 

Basically, the condom market has two segments – one is the simple segment, which is a subsidised segment wherein the government buys the condoms and offers them at subsidised rates; and the other segment is the commercial segment.

In volume terms, the commercial condom market stood at 95.9 million pieces of condoms as of July 2016.

Skore Condom’s sale was 9.6 million pieces, and we are currently the third largest brand in the commercial condom segment.

How has the consumers’ condom buying behaviour changed over the years?

It is changing slowly. In the earlier days, there was lack of activeness in buying condoms, people were going to the shops, but felt embarrassed about buying condoms, moreover they were not asking for any particular brand. But now, especially in the urban areas, people are going to the retail outlets and asking for condoms by their brand names and type like flavoured condoms or dotted condoms, however, there is still some level of embarrassment attached to the whole buying process. Slowly, but surely things are changing, there is still a long way to go, especially in smaller towns.

How has condom advertising evolved in India?

I would like to speak about Skore. One of the important elements is that we pushed through with our communication and it got noticed. Now, there are other plans such as bringing about a behaviour change, launching theme songs and more.

We have launched different types of condoms like dotted, flavoured, Zig Zag, Skin Thin, Timeless, etc., keeping in mind consumers’ varied preferences, which has helped the brand grow.



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